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  • Qualified


    When becoming a member of an organization, there are often rules and regulations that keep some groups out, while allowing certain groups in. Jesus’ death and resurrection changed everything, but some of the disciples didn’t get the memo. Just as Jesus changed the qualifications for being a disciple, the church also needs to change in order to reflect the new community He is creating! Join us as we discover what that means for us as disciples, and as a church! The post Qualified appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Confirmation Sunday


    This week is Confirmation Sunday! Come celebrate all that God has done and continues to do in the life of our 13 students who have journeyed through the confirmation experience this year. This is not only a huge step in these students’ faith journey, but an opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness as a church. The post Confirmation Sunday appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Following the Holy Spirit


    From Genesis to Revelation, we read about God’s people following the Spirit’s lead. We see in the book of Acts that the Holy Spirit is poured out on the church at Pentecost, but do we live lives filled with the Holy Spirit? What are the barriers to walking with the Spirit every day? Join us this Sunday as we reflect on finding and following the Holy Spirit together. The post Following the Holy Spirit appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • A New Paradigm


    The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything. When everything is turned upside down from what you know, it is hard to orient to the new way of Jesus. Peter experiences this firsthand in a powerful vision, while affirming the new paradigm through an unlikely vessel. Join us as we learn to practice the way of Jesus, who has turned everything upside down. The post A New Paradigm appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • A Life of Transformation


    “Isn’t this the person who used to [insert negative trait], but now they are a completely different person?” One of the greatest compliments a disciple can receive is the change in them witnessed by family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Join us as we look at one of the greatest transformations of the early church and what it means for us as disciples and for our church! The post A Life of Transformation appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • The Scattered


    The early church disperses into the surrounding region, not of its own volition, but because of widespread persecution. What they find in the midst of this dispersion are people who are ready to receive the good news Jesus has to offer. Today, the church is as scattered as ever, but are people ready to receive the good news? Join us as we learn from the first church on how to be the church today! The post The Scattered appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • The Cost


    In the places we go, the things we buy, everything has a cost. As the disciples spread the good news of Jesus they began to experience the cost of following Jesus. But what is the cost of following Jesus today? Join us as we explore the cost of our discipleship to Jesus. The post The Cost appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • The Way


    The new community of Holy Spirit-filled disciples flipped the world upside down with their radical reorientation around the way of Jesus. They were devoted to: teaching, fellowship, prayer and breaking bread! Join us this week as we explore the core values of the transformed early church and what we can learn about how to be a community today! The post The Way appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • The Gift


    Jesus had promised the Holy Spirit would come, and the disciples waited for its arrival. When the Spirit arrived, it arrived in power and changed the course of the church in one day! So what does that mean for us? Was that experience of the Holy Spirit just for those disciples? Join us as we seek to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our church. The post The Gift appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • The Mission of the Church


    The disciples had been with Jesus, they were formed to become like Him, and then it was time to do what Jesus did. But, what does that look like without Jesus? How could we do what Jesus did? How do we spread the message of Jesus to our neighbors and community? We still have the same questions the disciples had. The book of Acts is the second volume that answers the questions of how the Kingdom is launched to reach […] The post The Mission of the Church appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Easter: Come And See


    Easter morning we celebrate the risen Jesus, who conquered sin and death! What do we do, though, for those of us who struggle with our unbelief? What does Easter offer the curious, the doubters, and the faithful? It is a call to come and see. Join us as we explore the implications of Jesus’ call to his disciples and us to take notice of his wounds! The post Easter: Come And See appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Into Your Hands


    This week we consider the last words that Jesus spoke right before he took his last breath. These words are especially significant when we consider that just one week prior, Jesus entered into Jerusalem heralded as king. In the midst of Palm Sunday and in anticipation of Holy Week leading into Easter, we consider this one simple question from the cross: why did Jesus have to die? The post Into Your Hands appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • I Thirst


    What was so important about Jesus’ thirst that it needed to be recorded for us to hear? To hear Jesus’ cry of thirst is to understand the suffering He was enduring. Join us as we explore the living water that Jesus offers for our suffering and thirsty souls. The post I Thirst appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • It Is Finished


    Jesus’ final declaration from the cross to the people was, “It is finished.” In this pronouncement, Jesus is saying so many things about his life, his work on the cross, his ministry, and his calling on earth. Come and explore this joyous assertion that Jesus is victorious over sin and the implications for how we now live in light of God’s victory. The post It Is Finished appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?


    Matthew 27:46 may be the most honest and weighty OMG in history—“…and Jesus cried out with a loud voice, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’” With the help of God’s Holy Spirit, we will sit with this difficult ‘last word’ of Jesus from the cross. The post My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Woman, Behold Your Son


    This week, we continue our Lenten journey from the cross to the tomb as we explore Jesus’ last words, “Woman, behold your son,” and to his disciple, “behold your mother.” These are words Jesus spoke to his mother, Mary, and his disciple, John. These words are a message of compassion, provision, and a new relationship forged in faith. This Sunday we are going to take some creative license and, through scripture’s stories, we will enter Mary’s first-person narrative in a […] The post Woman, Behold Your Son appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Father, Forgive


    As we enter this Lenten season, we journey with Jesus from the cross to the tomb. In the final hours of His earthly time, as Jesus was dying, He spoke seven times from the cross. Last words can be very revealing. Jesus’ last words of forgiveness, salvation, relationship abandonment, distress, triumph and reunion enable us to look into eternity and see the heart of God. This Sunday we begin with Jesus’ words: “Father forgive them; for they know not what […] The post Father, Forgive appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Our Rhythms


    This week we conclude our series, “The Power to Change,” as we reflect upon how change can actually last for a lifetime. The roadmap to change prescribed by our culture is one of “trying harder” or “giving that little extra…” While that might work in some capacities, Jesus prescribes a different roadmap for lasting change: one rooted in changing our rhythms. The post Our Rhythms appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Our Worship


    Our worship might not seem like it needs to change, but God wants more than just our worship; He wants our lives. In this prophetic word from Amos, God makes it clear that He is not pleased with the Israelites worship and wants their righteousness and justice along with their worship. Come and reflect on what God wants our worship and our lives to resemble, as we find and follow Jesus together. The post Our Worship appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

  • Our Focus


    It’s great to have a routine or rhythm for our days, but when it gets too comfortable or too routine, our world around us often gets smaller. However, when we shift our focus off ourselves and our comfort zone, instead looking to God and his fullness, he reorients us to his purposes. Join us as we explore where Jesus may be desiring to shift your focus in this season. The post Our Focus appeared first on Pine Lake Covenant Church.

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