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A daily Christian devotional based on real-life experiences


  • Jesus Was A Refugee


    Refugees — the same today, all yearning for new life, leaving countries so war-torn, escaping from the strife. Refugees — we welcome them as they begin anew. We show hospitality and love in what we do. - John Wesley Oldham World … Read more

  • Carrying Our Burdens


    Recently, I watched a documentary about the world heritage narrow-gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway in northern India. Shimla is in the cool Himalayan foothills and once was the summer capital of British India as government and army staff escaped … Read more

  • The Grumbler


    My dog, Sophie, has always been a grumbler. She was born that way. She grumbles with low rumbling sounds if she feels that the other dogs are infringing on her territory or are having a good time playing in the yard while she is lying on … Read more

  • God's Correction


    While my brother and I were growing up, birthday parties were a big event, a highlight of our childhood. When I was turning seven and my brother was turning four, since his birthday was in May and mine was in June, we had a combined … Read more

  • Being Fully Committed To The Lord


    The year was 1965. I was trying to decide what I should do with my life, and I wanted to be sure that I was making the right decision. I finally decided to fulfill the call to fulltime ministry that came to me when I gave my heart to … Read more

  • Christ's Church


    I see a lot of memes on Facebook that appear to condemn the church for not being the church that the world expects. The memes usually attack the church for being hypocritical and not compassionate enough. There is some truth to what is … Read more

  • Faith During Adversity


    During the occupation of the Netherlands from 1940 to 1945, about 25,000 people were imprisoned for interrogation and prosecution in a jail near The Hague. Most were members of the resistance, and others were Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses. … Read more