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Sermons and talks from the Sunday experiences at Generation Church in the Bel Air, MD area.Generation Church is all about reaching a generation of people with the life, hope and love of Jesus Christ.


  • When God Asks The Unthinkable


    What happens when God asks you to give up what you value most? Using the story of Abraham and Isaac, we see that faith will sometimes take you down a path where you have to give up what you love most in order to graduate to the next level.

  • When God Has Forgotten You


    Part 2 of the 'When God Doesn’t Make Sense' series uses Psalm 13 to help us deal with seasons of life when it feels like God has forgotten us--to remind us there is purpose in the waiting.

  • When God Doesn't Make Sense: Part 1


    Have you ever questioned God? Wondered why certain things happen that just do not make sense? Through John 7 we discover that God's plan is perfect, even when we think the plan should be different than God's plan.

  • Visible


    The Church is called to make Christ’s Kingdom visible and substantial in ordinary ways and in everyday places.

  • The Contender


    We are in a fight and many people do not even realize it. It is a fight for our faith, a good, noble fight that we must contend to win. Using 1 Timothy 6 we learn how to win the good fight for our faith.

  • Seven: 7 Numbers


    The final part of the 'Seven' series. We ask the question, is this the start of the end? Through a look at the book of Revelation we discover that, for the Christ-follower, Heaven is our home and Jesus has overcome.

  • Seven: 7 Dips


    As we continue in our 'Seven' series, we use the story of Naaman to explain how God will sometimes use strange and surprising circumstances to bring us close to Him.

  • Seven: 7 Kneels


    Have you ever prayed a big bold audacious prayer to God? Through the story of Elijah we find out that not only does God delight in our big prayers, but he moves on prayers that are said and given in faith and perseverance.

  • Seven: 7 Circles


    Using the story of Joshua, we discover that obedience, not skill, is the path to breakthrough.

  • Seven: 7 Cows


    In an uncertain world full of natural disasters, economic uncertainty and political discord, what happens when the worst happens? Are you ready? Using the story of Jospeh we discover that it is a Godly principle to prepare for the worst even when times are good.

  • Seven: 7 Years


    Do you have a dream for your life? Through the story of Jacob we discover that sometimes our dream turns into a nightmare before it can be fulfilled.

  • Seven: 7 Days


    Part 1 of our 'Seven' series helps us to understand the importance of taking a sabbath day and why rest is part of the rhythm of life that God designed for his creation.

  • All Things New


    Change is a part of life. Those who refuse to change risk being left behind. And God is in the change business! He changes lives and situations.... and this change process can be painful. But through this sermon we are encouraged to forget the past, embrace the change God is bringing and watch God do the extraordinary.

  • Don't Poison Yourself....Forgive


    Forgiving someone who has hurt you can seem impossible and overwhelming. Holding onto the anger or hurt can seem important, as if to forgive without the proper prerequisites somehow cheapens forgiveness or undermines the importance of your feelings. But Jesus showed us that if we want to be his disciples, we never stop forgiving. Further, we forgive not one day, once we've healed, but now - or else we are only poisoning ourselves.

  • Forgiveness: The Work of Salvation


    If we are forgiven, why do we find it so hard to forgive? Because, forgiveness is not an event as much as it is a process.

  • Summer Stretch: Stretched To Work


    In the final part of the 'Summer Stretch' series, we discover that being a Christian means working hard and not letting our faith or service to others become idle.

  • Summer Stretch: Prayers of Stretching


    The promise of God to those who believe is that God becomes our helper throughout our lives, but how can He help us if we never talk to Him? That is why prayer is so important. We discuss here 3 prayers that God, your helper, longs for you to pray.

  • Summer Stretch: Stretched To The End


    Continuing in our study of 2 Thessalonians through our 'Summer Stretch' series we are encouraged to stand firm in the teachings of Jesus to avoid being deceived and fooled by those who will lead us away from the truth.

  • Summer Stretch: The Stretch of the Call


    Continuing in our 'Summer Stretch' series through the filter of second Thessalonians we discover that God has a call for our lives and we discuss how we should live that call through.

  • Summer Stretch: The Stretch To Endure


    In Part 1 of the 'Summer Stretch' series we open up the book of 2 Thessalonians and discover that God will allow us to go through seasons where our life seems to be stretched in order to help us grow and become stronger in our journey of faith.

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