Removing The Stumbling Blocks: A Deeper Look At The Writings Of Paul



Greetings brothers and sisters, for the month of January, we will be presenting audio presentations concerning the writings of the Apostle Paul, which are often misread and misinterpreted. In fact, the misinterpretation of Paul's writings can become a "stumbling block" for those who do not read his scriptures closely and carefully. What is a stumbling block? obstacle or hindrance to progress, belief, or understanding. In this case, an obstacle or hinderance that prevents one from fully understanding, believing or progressing in the laws of God. Many churches of this world have used the writing's of Paul to justify the following ideas: 1) "the laws of God are nailed to the cross;", 2) "Sunday is the modern day Sabbath;" and 3) "all animals are God's creatures therefore we can eat want we want." We will dispel these false ideas and take a deeper look at the writings of Paul, explaining its true meaning.