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  • Episode 114: Seasons Episode

    27/08/2022 Duración: 47min

    What it's All About:This is another request from a listener on Quora. I would also like to mention another topic that I find hard to talk about without it being a scientific topic. However, the seasons are all about cycles and change, which is why they are so important. Even writing here is difficult for me. Despite this, everyone knows that the seasons have something to do with paganism in some way. I'll explain more about it in the show. The Spirit Guides of the week are the Horae and the Dream Symbols are Music and Tattoo.Songs Featured:1. The Breath of Forever by George Pendred2. Stolen Season by S. J. Tucker3. Inner Season (Follow the Crow) by Three Weird Sisters4. Seasons by Castalia5. Cycle of the Seasons by KIVA6. Omeath Music by La Lugh7. A Tomb of Seasoned Dye by :Of the Wand And the MoonLinks Mentioned:- Season - Horae - Celebrating the Seasons -…g-the-seasons- The Wheel of the Year:

  • Episode 113: Ocean Magic Episode

    13/08/2022 Duración: 46min

    What it's All About:A listener from Quora requested this. I was asked to do a show on Ocean Magic. Because it does sound interesting, I'll try to talk as much as possible about it. If you'd like to suggest a topic, I don't know how you can reach me on Quora, but you can still let me know in the comments. Or there are other ways to do that which I will mention in the podcast. The spirit guide of the week is the Unicorn, and the dream symbols are jam, jaw, and jeans.Songs Featured:1. Descend the Ocean by Wendy Rule2. Ocean Flower with Sirena3. Land, Sky, and Sea by Damh the Bard4. Unicorne by Faun5. Heart is Like the Sea by Drumspyder6. The Concentration Flow Meditation by Tony Murdock7. The Water is Wide by Lady MoonLinks Mentioned:- Ocean - Ocean - Is the Unicorn Your Spirit Animal? The Amazing Meanings & Symbolism. - What Does a Unicorn Spirit Animal Mean and Symbolize? - www.mysa

  • Episode 112: Polyamorous Pagans Episode

    30/07/2022 Duración: 49min

    What it's All About:Aside from the fact that there are many different pagan paths, there are also pagans of every skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. Among the pagans out there are those who are polyamorous and proud of it. Throughout this podcast, I will explore this lifestyle in more detail. The Spirit Guide of the week is Amon and the Dream Symbols are time, tangle, mandala, and diamond.Songs Featured:1. Love in the Forest by OMNIA2. We Are Love by Ginger Doss3. Lips of Love by Inkubus Sukkubus4. Light Divine by Flora Wares5. One Heart by Helouise Pilkington6. Diamonds Out of Dust by Sharon Knight and Pandemonaeon7. I Remember Love by Mama GinaLinks Mentioned:- Pagans and Polyamory - Are Pagans Polyamorous?( -…amory-2561724- Four Reasons Why Paganism and Polyamory are Linked -…ry-are-linked- Pagan Polyamory: Becoming a Tribe of Hearts -…arts/dp/0738707627- Polyamory in the

  • Episode 111: The ADHD Pagan Episode

    16/07/2022 Duración: 45min

    What it's All About:There are pagans with ADHD out there. Like many other things in their lives, they have difficulties maintaining their path, whether or not they are a solitaire. ADHD is also a challenge for those already in covens. I will explain some challenges of being a pagan with ADHD, as well as some of the positive aspects. The Spirit Guide of the week is Lynx and the Dream Symbols are Pool and EggSongs Featured:1. The Pagan World is Back! by Pagan Rap Gang2. Pagan Beat by Arthur Hinds3. Crystal Cave by S. J. Tucker4. I Don’t Speak Human by OMNIA5. My Karma Broke Down by Three Weird Sisters6. Eggs and Crumbs by Heather Alexander7. A Centering Meditation by Tuja and Pam Rader8. Calling All Witches by Cloud the Pagan Rapper featuring Lone Wolf and MoonastriaLinks Mentioned:- Patreon - Ko-Fi - Music From The Goddess' Vault Newsletter - The Book of Answers by Carol Bolt -…A&ref_=as_

  • Episode 110: Mayan Paganism Episode

    02/07/2022 Duración: 46min

    What it's All About:It's all about the ancient Mayans. This culture has a deep connection to nature that many of us can learn from and incorporate into our own modern pagan practices. This civilization is known for its detailed astrological knowledge, its connection with the earth, its respect for nature, its connection with the stars, as well as its detailed understanding of how these things affect our lives. There is also a strong connection between Mayan culture and the spiritual world. I will discuss this all on show. The spirit of the week is Ixchel and the dream symbols are television and police.Songs Featured:1. May the Circle Be Open by Circle of Women2. Snake Star Song by S. J. Tucker3. Belly Pot by Crow Women4. Rainbow Around the Moon by KIVA5. God of Thunder by Pagan Rap Gang6. Balance of Nature by Alexander James Adams7. Harvest Dance by Mojo Kemp8. Stars Stacked Tall by Janice KephartLinks Mentioned:- Maya - Maya -

  • Episode 109: Sumerian Paganism Episode

    18/06/2022 Duración: 42min

    What it's All About:Another Middle Eastern form of paganism. It is somewhat similar to Mesopotamian paganism. Much like the Romans borrowed the Greek gods from the Greeks, Mesopotamia borrowed from tribes like the Sumerians. I will discuss some interesting facts about the ancient Sumerians and how this pantheon can be incorporated into modern paganism. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Ereshkigal. And the Dream Symbols are Sandals, Scalp, and Sea.Songs Featured:1. Midsummer Fever by David Wood2. Midsummer Lullaby by Eleanor and the Lost3. Ancient Mother by Helouise Pilkington4. There is Only the Dead Inside by Inkubus Sukkubus5. Inanna Blue by Hecate’s Wheel6. Sea Chant by Vanessa Cardui7. Deep Relaxation in 5 minutes (Guided 5 Minute Calming Meditation) by the Honest Guys8. The Calm Before the Storm by Arcana9. Inanna by Reclaiming featuring Suzanne SterlingLinks Mentioned:- Sumer -…20understand%20it- Sumer - 9 Things You Didn't Know About the Anci

  • Episode 108: Roman Paganism Episode

    04/06/2022 Duración: 47min

    What it's All About:One of the most popular forms of paganism is this. It is also somewhat difficult to discuss. Why? Most of the myths of ancient Rome are actually influenced by the myths of ancient Greece. The only difference is the names of the gods. There are added myths and rituals which I will discuss here. I know I will talk about their festivals, two of which are now modern holidays. Maybe we can talk about how Modern Roman Paganism is practiced today. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Venus. The Dream Symbols are inflatable mattress, inspection, and necklace.Songs Featured:1. Het Verbond Met Rome by Heidevolk2. Augeries of Love by OMNIA3. Lupercalia by Faun4. Venus and the Fly by KIVA5. Danza Nova by Wolgemut6. Granny’s Bedtime Tonic by Tuatha Dea7. Orbiting Jupiter by Three Weird SisterLinks Mentioned:- Religion in Ancient Rome - Principal Greek and Roman Gods -…eek_roman.html- What Festivals Were Celebrated in Ancien

  • Episode 107: Mesopotamian Paganism Episode

    21/05/2022 Duración: 46min

    What it's All About:There is a pantheon of gods that is centered on this path of paganism. I will explore this in this episode of the podcast. There are witches who worship these gods. I will share a bit more about this path, and the history of this ancient land, as well as introduce you to some deities. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Nabu. The Dream Symbols are Darkness, Date, and Deer.Songs Featured:1. Egi Messzegek by Moon and the Nightspirit2. The Messenger by Heather Dale3. Roots by WillowWynd4. Babylon by Magicfolk5. Wytch's Chant by Inkubus Sukkubus6. Run Like a Deer by Castalia7. Guided Meditation: 4 Minute Stress Buster by the Honest Guys8. Babylon by Revel MoonLinks Mentioned:- Mesapotamia -…-east/mesopotamia- History of Mesapotamia -…cal-region-Asia- Nabu - Nabu (god) - Nabu - Mesopotamian Religion -

  • Episode 102: How to Create Your Own Spells Episode

    12/03/2022 Duración: 45min

     What it's All About:Two weeks ago, I looked at Rituals. Today, I'm going to talk about creating your own spells. I'm aware that not all pagans do spells, but some of us do. So, I will discuss how you can create rituals and spells to suit a variety of needs, from healing to prosperity, to business. I will discuss the history of spell work and why we require ingredients for it. The spirit guide of the week is Circe and the dream symbols are knitting, pan, and paper.Songs Featured:1. Love Spell (Re-Loved) by Inkubus Sukkubus2. Blue Spell by Three Weird Sisters3. I Put A Spell On You by Bjornemyr4. Circe by Wendy Rule5. Banishment Spell by Unto Ashes6. Pan the Fallen by Castalia7. Cast Away by Arthur Hinds  Links Mentioned:- A sweeping history of magic - from witchcraft to shamanism -…aft-shamanism/- Ten Strange Things You Didn't Know About the History of Magic -…LSqk8PhNZ6KA- A Guide to Ancient Magic -

  • Episode 101: How to Create Your Own Ritual Episode

    26/02/2022 Duración: 46min

     What it's All About:This show is for all the Novice Pagans out there. Notice that I did not say the other catchphrase when it comes to new pagans. Why? Because I don't want to dumb anyone down. It's a beginner's guide to something you can continue learning about your entire life, so it covers the basics of what rituals entail. For those of you who have been on this path for a while, this might be a refresher show for you. Songs Featured:1. Ritual by Jana Runnalls2. Ritual by Hexperos3. The Druid Ritual of Oak by Elvenking4. Kwan Yin by Lisa Theil5. The Great Rite in Motion by David Wood6. Fisherman’s Boy by Heather Dale7. Self-Trust by Tricia Stewar Shui8. Come and Make Some Magic With Me by Ginger Ackley9. Rite of Passage by Heather DaleLinks Mentioned:- The History of Ritual - Ritual - Guan Yin -…s/Guan_Yin.htm- Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals That Work - www.amazo

  • Episode 100: Rebroadcast of the Racism in Paganism Episode from September 29, 2017.

    25/02/2022 Duración: 55min

     What it's All About:It is a serious subject. This isn't about pagan discrimination. There are a few heathen covens out there who make the rest of us look bad. Not all heathens or pagan are racist. It is irrelevant what color your skin is. Go ahead and be a pagan. We discuss this group as well as my own personal reasons for doing this show. I apologize for the two mistakes I made. First, I'm angry with these racists, so the sound quality is uneven. The second mistake I made was giving you the wrong URL for one of the articles I mentioned. It's…cleland-host/ (Note: this URL might not be up anymore). Crystal Blanton's book Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community is available at Heathens United Against Racism has changed its name to Heathens Against Hate. They can be found on The spirit guide of the week is the dove and snake is the dream symbol. Songs Featured:1. No One Sai

  • Episode 99: Paganism and the Environment Episode

    12/02/2022 Duración: 47min

     What it's All About:The idea of relating to Nature and the Environmental movement is an important part of Paganism. We believe that we are all a part of the Earth, and as such, it's our duty to take care of each other as well as protect the environment. It doesn't only mean planting trees or recycling; this also includes being involved in activism movements like those against global warming or extinction events on behalf of animals. The spirit guide of the week is Pachamama. The dream symbols are umbrella, alligator, and altar.Songs Featured:1. Mother Nature by Pagan Rap Gang2. Soul of Nature by Jenna Greene3. Balance of Nature by Alexander James Adams4. Mama Gaia’s Goin’ Through Menopause by Mama Gina5. Behold the Passionate Ways of Nature by Hagalaz Runedance6. The Altar by Threefold7. Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) by Damh the Bard8. Dance In Nature by Cernunnos RisingLinks Mentioned:- Ecospirituality -…ental%20activism- Ecospirituality -

  • Episode 98: Sabbat Episode

    29/01/2022 Duración: 44min

     What it's All About:Sabbats are the cornerstone to everything Pagan/Wiccan. The Wheel of the Year is based on all eight of them, which have varying degrees and meanings in different traditions. These days, many of us Pagans celebrate them as a time for family gatherings and community events or festivals that include music, dancing, feasting, and other celebrations. The spirit guide of the week is Moose. The dream symbols are kidnap, packing, and picture.Songs Featured:1. Sabbat by Damh the Bard2. Songs of the Wheel by Leslie Hudson3. Solstice Past by Hagalaz’ Runedance4. Children’s Totem Chant by Spiral Rhythm5. In May, That Lusty Season by Libana6. Beyond the Painting by MaterDea7. Guided Smile Meditation by Vulfpeck8. And Laugh, But Smile No More by Faith and the Muse9. Songs of Imbolc by Flora WareLinks Mentioned:- Definition of Sabbath -…0of,(25%3A3-5- Sabbath - Wheel of the Year - Moose/Elk Symb

  • Episode 97: Triple God Episode

    15/01/2022 Duración: 01min

     What it's All About:Well, you heard about the Triple Goddess, but have you heard about the Triple God? Because we live in a patriarchal society, we pagans emphasize more on the goddess than the god. So, I will balance things out on this show and talk about what it means for our spiritual lives when there is a male deity involved as well - because that's just how it goes sometimes! The spirit guide of the Week is Brahma and the dream symbol is fire.Songs Featured:1. Golden Apple by Faun2. I Am the God/dess Devine by Lucidian3. The God Song by Reclaiming Featuring Starhawk4. Creation by Michelle Mays5. God & Goddess in Blue #7 by Parnassus6. In a Robe of Fire by Of the Wand And The Moon7. Wild Hunt by Heather Alexander8. God of the Grain and Wild by CastaliaLinks Mentioned:- Horned God - Trimurti - How the Hindus Worship Brahman -…-12085809.html- Brahma -…r%20t

  • Episode 96: Taoism in Paganism Episode

    01/01/2022 Duración: 45min

    What it's All About:How does Taoism fit into Paganism? The answer to this question is that it doesn't. It's not a religion but an ancient philosophy and way of life. Some people who practice the Taoist path identify as Pagans or Wiccans because they believe in nature worshiping and using magic for healing purposes. I will explain more about Taoism on the podcast. The Spirit Guide is the Lord of T'ai Shan and Dream Symbols are videotape, virgin, and abdomen.Songs Featured:1. The Butterfly by Drumspyder2. Inner Forensics by Cloud the Pagan Rapper3. Creature of the Wood by Alexander James Adam4. Wild Mountain Thyme by Damh the Bard5. Behind the Rain by Magicfolk6. Maiden Song by Michelle Mays7. Guided Meditation: 5 Minute Stress Relief by the Honest Guys8. Force of Nature by Brian Henke9. Behold the Passionate Ways of Nature by Hagalaz RunedanceLinks Mentioned:- Taoism - Daoism - Taoism - ARE WICCANS,

  • Episode 95: Coming from the Vault - October 12, 2019 - Vampire Episode

    18/12/2021 Duración: 45min

    Note:I wanted to re-air this episode since Anne Rice died a week ago. You can also request to hear an old show that I already had put out.Summary:I did post some articles on both Facebook and Twitter saying that the movie "The Craft" got people interested in Paganism. That wasn't my case. Neither did reading any Harry Potter books got me into the path either. It was from being anAnne Rice fan that got me into the idea of being a Pagan. She didn't just write stories about Vampires, but about witches too. The Spirit Guide of the Week is Baba Yaga and the Dream Symbol is Spider.Songs Featured:1. Vampire Empire (Crimson Remix) by Two Witches2. Vampire Punk Rockers From Hell by Inkubus Sukkubus3. Gay Vampire Boogie by Cynthia McQuillin4. Baba Yaga by Tuatha5. Vampire Empire by Kristen Lawrence6. Web of Wonder by Crow Women7. Breathing Space Meditation by Mark Wiliams8. Vampyres by Inkubus SukkubusLinks Mentioned:Events:- Witches' Masquerade Samhain Ritual -…ets-73368363751- Belta

  • Episode 94: Triple Goddess Episode

    18/12/2021 Duración: 43min

    What it's All About:The Triple Goddess is a concept in Wicca, a modern Pagan new religious movement, which usually includes the feminine deity, the Earth Mother, the goddess of love and fertility, and the goddess of death and magic. The idea of three phases can be traced back to ancient history. The three phases are thought to represent the cycles of nature- that is, earth/sky/sea or birth/life/death. I will be talking about all this in the show, so stay tuned. The spirit guide of the week is Lakshmi and the dream symbols are labor and ladder.Songs Featured:1. Triple Goddess Blessing by Lisa Thiel2. I Walk With the Goddess by Kellianna3. Goddess by Burning Sage4. X Fortune by Derek Schmidt5. Goddess by S. J. Tucker6. Birth of the Sun by Dark Moor7. Mother of Darkness by Circle of Women8. I am the beauty of the Goddess by Heloise PilkingtonLinks Mentioned:- Sandra Rogers | Archetypes and the Triple Goddess ( -…riple-goddess/- The Secret History of the Tr

  • Episode 92: Modern-Day Witch Hunt Episode

    20/11/2021 Duración: 45min

    What it's All About:Believe it or not, there are still Witch Hunts going on in the world today. I am not talking about the figurative ones. I am talking about real-life witch hunts around the world where people are still getting arrested or even killed for practicing witchcraft. I'll mention where these are still happening today. Maybe I will speak about the history of it as well. The Spirit Guide of the week is Ogun. The Dream Symbols are cancer, carnival, and carpet.Songs Featured:1. Burning Times by Charlie Murphy2. Witch Hunt (Still Seeking Sarah) by Inkubus Sukkubus3. No More Burning Times by Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus4. Iron by Within Temptation5. Song of the Witches by S. J. Tucker6. Sweet Magick by Assembly of the Sacred Wheel7. Witch Up! | Cloud The Pagan Rapper ( I Am Pagan by Spiral RhythmLinks Mentioned:- Modern witch-hunts - Wikipedia -…%20witch-hunting- Witches: Real Origins, Hunts & Trials - HISTORY -

  • Episode 91: The Missing Norse Mythology Episode

    06/11/2021 Duración: 48min

    What it's All About:For those of you who didn't know, I did a show all about Norse Mythology in the past. But, I did another episode on how white supremacists are using anything Norse and pretend that they are pagan when they are not. That's when I decided to delete the first show. However, I am rectifying that to redo the topic of Nordic Mythology. The spirit guide of the week is Frigg and I mispronounced two of her son's names. The dream symbol is Spider.Songs Featured:1. Norse Folk by Pagan Rap Gang2. Straight Outta Norse by Pagan Rap Gang3. Riders On the Storm by SKALD4. Frigga’s Web by Hagalaz’ Runedance5. Odin’s Resignation by Pan Galactic6. Spider Song by Unto Ashes7. 7 Minute Meditation by Swami Jnaheshvara Bharati8. Freya by OMNIA9. Hel Goddess of the Underworld by Hagalaz’ RunedanceLinks Mentioned:- Norse - Wikipedia - Norsemen - Wikipedia - Vikings in Canada | Royal Ontario Museum ( -…C000%20year

  • Episode 90: Zombie Episode

    23/10/2021 Duración: 42min

    What it's All About:For all of you horror movie fans out there, this episode is all about the zombie. Since Samhain is coming up and I don't want to do another show on it, I thought it would be fun to talk about this monster. I will be talking about their history for those of you who don't know and more. So listen to this show. The spirit guide of the week is Deer. The dream symbols are ice cream, light, and ceiling.Songs Featured:1. Zombie by Tuatha Dea2. Zombie Ambience (Radio Edit) by Kristen Lawrence3. City of the Dead by Inkubus Sukkubus4. Run Like a Deer by Castalia5. Slay the Dead by Cynthia McQuillin6. Child of Light by Arthur Hinds7. Landlord’s Daughter by Magnet8. Celtic Feast of the Dead by Fritz JungLinks Mentioned:- History of Zombies - Origins, Pop Culture & Film - HISTORY - Zombie - Wikipedia - From Haitian Slavery to 'The Walking Dead': The Forgotten History of the Zombie - The Atlantic -

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