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"Keys of the Kingdom" is a 1 hour (now 2 hour) radio program produced by Brother Gregory of His Holy Church. This program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God - what it is, where it is, and how to get there. Christ said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Which means you can reach out and touch it. He told the Pharisees he would take the Kingdom from them and give it to a nation who would bring forth the fruits thereof. He appointed unto his "little flock" (apostles) a Kingdom. He told us to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This means now, not waiting until after we die. Does this sound good to you? Then listen further... "Keys of the Kingdom" is broadcast weekly (Saturday mornings - 10AM Central Time) on First Amendment Radio. First Amendment Radio retains exclusive rights to the program for 9 days from airing, then we can make it available to you.


  • 6/1/24: John 18 Afterthoughts

    01/06/2024 Duración: 01h05min

    John 18 review; Betrayal of Jesus; Judas' reasoning; Expedience; Nicodemus and 2 daughters; Lazarus; Oil!; Perpetuating the lie; Holy Spirit; Fasting; Individual responsibility; Government daddy; Linking gospels to historical facts; 16th amendment; His Holy Church YouTube; 1871 argument; U.S. Constitution; Illegally ratified?; Provocation; Jutes vs Romans; Becoming enslaved again; Forced offerings - consequences; Welfare snares; Corporate charter; Becoming free again; Doctrinal studies; The "word" of Christ; "Glory"; Opinions of reality; Belief in Christ; Unique message of the gospel; Unrighteous mammon; Councils of Milan and Nicaea; Constantinian Christians; Church profiting; Oppression; Property tax; Why people fight; Challenging your beliefs; Doctrines of men; Back to Moses - rightful heir of the throne; Christ in you; Seek God's kingdom and righteousness; "Trinity"; Sending Holy Spirit / Tree of Life; Constantinian doctrine; Religious canons; No exercising authority; Peace on your house.

  • 6/1/24: John 18

    01/06/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    False doctrines; Reading contextually; Making the word of God to none effect; "right" opinions of Christ; "glorify"; "logos" = right reason = the Word; Superstition; Natural selection vs Evolution; "name" of God; Whole truth - including inconvenient verses; Imagined righteousness; Call no man father; Freewill offerings vs forced; John 18 betrayal of Jesus; Intentions to kill Christ; Stoning?; Things Jesus accomplished; Moneychangers; John 18:1 Jesus in the garden; Firing moneychangers; High Priest; Temple treasuries; "Corban"; "gazophulakion"; Bible about government - just and unjust; Arresting Jesus; Caesar assassinations; Republic = power/responsibility in hands of the people; Peter's swordplay; "Malchus"?; High priest forces making arrest; "Religion"; Binding people together by caring; Addiction to benefits degenerating society; Israel's kings; Jesus goes to Annas; Replacing high priest; Being attentive; Discovering truth; Christ said not to exercise authority; Betraying Judas?; Caiaphas high priest; v14 e

  • 5/18/24: Hebrews 13

    18/05/2024 Duración: 01h25min

    Understanding PreparingYou resources; 1 Pe 2:13; "Therefore"; Submitting yourself; Obey?; Cooperation; Honorable "conversation"; Ordinances?; Governors; Misinformation about the bible; Making dangerous agreements; God as judge; Sources of social welfare; The Beast; Covetous practices; Carrying for poor; No taking away right to choose; Altars of Abraham; "Tabernacle"; Spreading the good news; Filtering water?; Red sea crossing; Getting God on your side; Deciding who to help; What will protect you?; Submitting to righteousness; Red heifer?; Sacrificing for strangers; Obey - persuade; Religion according to Christ; Good neighbors; Watching after other souls; Purpose for ministers; Clergy; Laity; National tranquility; Obeying cherishing husbands; Vows before God; Abraham and Isaac; Trusting Holy Spirit; Awakening to selfishness; One denomination; Counting to ten; Serving families; Bands of brothers; Appeals courts; Ministering to ministers; Accountability; Systemic selfishness; Insurrection?

  • 5/18/24: John 17

    18/05/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    John addressing problems; Man's re-creation of self; Repentance; Interpretation; Bible interpreting itself?; Contradictions; Bible as a whole; God has the answer!; Understanding ourselves; "Grafting in" to Christ; Looking for the "Word" of God; "logos"; "Corban"; Sacrifice; Rightful king of Judea; Making the word of God to none effect; Expedience; "leaven"; Biblical warnings about welfare; Bringing together; Killing care; John 17:1; "glorify" = "doxazo" = think, be of opinion of; Character of Christ; Covenanting with men; Saul's folly; Taking care of one another; Exousia?; Christ's government; Tithing?; Coming with the heart of Christ; "Submit"; 1 Pe 2:13, Titus 3:1; Heb 13:17 "Obey"?; No exercising authority; Christ's "world"; "God's many"; Pilate vs Jesus; Admitting you are in the bondage of Egypt; Faith; Christ = King (Anointed); John 17:5 "world"; Saving the "world"; Born into debt; Keeping God's word; "Son of God"?; Socialist bonds; Fasting from unclean benefits; Prayer for apostles/ministers; Jesus made

  • 5/11/24: Social Capital - replay from 5/25/2019

    11/05/2024 Duración: 02h40min

    Structure of the kingdom; Altering DNA; Epigenetics; Procreation; Holy Spirit in your life; Not emotion; Flow of righteousness; "Tens"; Organizing His Church; Sharing these messages; Early Christians were nearly all Jews; Synagogues; "Elders"; Social Security?; Pure Religion; "world"; "komizo"; Tithing; Selling your children into bondage; The Problem!; Untaught things about the bible; Seeking the Kingdom and Righteousness; Christ's way; Are you seeking the kingdom of God?; Serving the people; Seven men?; Workers of iniquity; Unrighteous mammon?; "Show me"; Tyranny over minds; Vices and virtues; Selfishness; Gratitude; Revealing the kingdom; Investing yourself; Envy; Private entrepreneurs; Correlation and causation; Vaccines; Improving immune systems; Federal Reserve; Capital?; Just weights and measures; Capitalism; Aiding your neighbors; Beginning repentance; Strengthening your community; Promoting the kingdom; Active congregations; What are you thinking?; Sharing loaves and fished; The New Deal failures; Inc

  • 5/11/24: John 16

    11/05/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    His Righteousness; Media untruths; Accepting corrections; Security in our beliefs; Our loyalty to our knowledge; Why marry?; Free bread?; Biting one another; Waiving your rights; Bondage; "qorban"; Oppression of Pharisees; Finding out what the Gospel is about; Repentance; Tree of knowledge; Forcing neighbors?; Importance of the next generation; Witnessing to the Gospel; John 16:1; Don't be offended; "skandalizo" - impeding your way; Bing put out from Synagogue; Herod's social safety net; Organized charity; "Tens"; Thinking of Christ = Word (logos); Exercising authority; Is Jesus your king?; Sharing beyond synagogue; Kingdom of God; Communism; Agreeing to bite each other?; Going back into bondage; Oppression; Sitting in the seat of Moses; Letting go of old ideas; Giving time for neighbors to accept Christ; City of God?; John 14:25; Holy Spirit teaching; What Christ believed; Welfare snares; Benefit of Christ's leaving; Gathering together; John 16:7 transferring dependence upon Holy Spirit; What makes us good/b

  • 5/4/24: Critiquing Ann Davis

    04/05/2024 Duración: 01h35min

    False truths; Keeping the commandments; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Listening to Holy Spirit; The vine and husbandman; Understanding Early Church; Lost Christians; Critiquing Ann Davis; Paradigm shift; Natural immunity; Complexity of creation; Listening to Holy Spirit; Sacrificing to draw near; Natural miracles; Tree of Knowledge/Life; Following science?; Natural psychology of humanity; Ps 35:8; Welfare snare; Home church "services"; You don't need your ears tickled; Whole truth!; Loving neighbor; vs Exercising authority; Sharing these programs; Concern for others far away; Near-death experiences; Living in the moment; Urban vs rural environments; Thomas Sowell; Modeling reality; Anti-individualism; Our strategy; Opposing Christ; Depending on government; Power of Christianity; Moses' court system; Climate change; Degradation of isolation; Overpopulation?; Protesting vs vandalism; Cultivating non-caring people; Dangers of grouping individuals; Creating a foothold for righteousness; God's power;

  • 5/4/24: John 15

    04/05/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Grape vines; Propagating vines; Non-fruit producing; Networking ministers; Criminalizing Christianity?; Antisemitism?; Today's Israel; Equity; Diversity; Equality via authority?; Why Rome was in Judea; Jesus the king; Simon/Nicodemus; Pigeon-holing groups; Condemning innocents; "peace" in John 14:27; Language sharing; Pax Romana; "eirene" - national tranquility; Recognizing Jesus as Messiah; Corban of the Pharisees; Drawing near to God; "Free" bread from Rome; Charity?; Or force?; Peace of Christ vs Pax Romana; Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge?; Individual peace = harmony; Modern Christian covetousness; Evidence of "Born Again"; Deciding to follow Christ; Blind guides; Welfare snares; Sitting in darkness; Near-death experiences; "logos"; Rationale of Abraham, Moses and Christ; Being doers of The Word; Coming out of darkness; Daily sacrifice and ministration; The choice God gives you; Accepting untruths; The Husbandman; Walking like Jesus; Bearing fruit; Abiding in Christ; Natural Law; Legal systems = binding

  • 4/27/24: Ayn Rand Interview

    27/04/2024 Duración: 02h45min

    Finding the kingdom of God; What we are not seeing; Keeping Christ's commandments; Bearing false witness; Denying truth; Blaspheming Holy Spirit; Nicodemus; Analyzing facts; Women's intuition; Understanding observations of the world; Religion; Man/woman differences; Ayn Rand; The price of seeing truth; Be not afraid!; Making the world safer today; Being devoured?; Social Security; Defending against evil; Defining altruism; "Communal" vs "communism"; Universal laws; Wrath of God; "Unmoved mover"; Morality by reason?; Value of life; Attacking lions; Sacrificing self for others; "Democracy"; Fighting lions; Next generation's value; Abortion; Inflation; Taxation; Love for neighbor; Contract clause of the constitution; Eligibility for Social Security; Becoming Merchandise; Sacrificing your children; Sitting in darkness; Rebels; The ultimate solution; Immoral welfare; Needing the whole truth; Indiscriminate charity?; Poverty badge?; Marriage; Giving your responsibility to the state; Voluntary Social Security; Apply

  • 4/27/24: John 14

    27/04/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Changing world; Declining birthrate; Value of elderly; Childless families; Euthanasia; Living in darkness; Avoiding truth; "word" = logos or rema; Translation peculiarities skew the message; Seeing the light Holy Spirit brings; Logic's limitations; Asking incorrect questions; Reading without understanding; Earning salvation?; Weightier matters of law; Faith = allegiance; Obeying government; Statutes; Jurisdiction; Ambassadors; Covetous practices; John 14:1; Father's "house"; "Mansion"? = "mone" = "abode"; Places for Holy Spirit to abide; Repetition for importance; Receiving revelation; Moments of inspiration; Preparing a "place"; Station?; Earthly fathers; Leaving Egypt; Divine intervention; Hiding from God; "I am"; Humility; Admitting you can't; Pride = absence of humility; Vengeance?; Taking away your neighbor's choice; Spirit in YOU; John 14:11; John 20:29; Tracing the kingdom; Setting people free to choose; Welfare through love and charity; Glorified = honored = served; The "name" of Christ; Loving Chris

  • 4/20/24: The Bag + Juvenal

    20/04/2024 Duración: 01h30min

    Censorship; "The Bag" - only time Greek word "glossokomon" appears; Bag carrying reeds for musical instrument?; "kosmos" = apt and harmonious relationship; glosso = tongue; tongue providing for caring?; "corbanos" = donations for poor; Herod's baptism; Rice-bowl Christians; Ten-family congregations; Caring at Christ's time; Christian social safety net; Faith, hope and charity alone; Nullifying bondage; Free assemblies; General welfare; Left of righteousness; Force is opposed to Jesus; Public religion; Abandoning Christ; Feet washing; Allowing everyone their own choices; Socialism; Contracting with government; Protecting marriage against government; Taking from your neighbor; National adultery; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Passover meal importance; Trusting God to move on your neighbor's heart; Taking back your responsibilities; "komizo" = caring for; tongue of the care-giver?; tax-bondage; Income tax exemptions; Nimrod - mighty provider instead of the Lord; Melchizedek - righteous king of Salem

  • 4/20/24: John 13

    20/04/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Understanding Kingdom of God; Gospel?; Religious conflict; Doing what Abraham, Moses, Jesus said?; Buddha?; Believing you're a Christian; Biblical idioms and allegories; Humbly examining the bible; Environment surrounding biblical events; Missing information; John 13 unique words; Pre-crucifixion; Taking kingdom from "Pharisees"; Political parties; Slavery?; vs voluntary servitude; Why Israel went into servitude to Egypt; Laity responsibility; John 13:1 "world"; Living in but not of; Passover supper; Church = servants of Kingdom of God; Systems of welfare (Religion); John 13:3 washing of feet; Dirt from outside; Pattern of humility; Ekklesia; Kingless Israel; Moses' social safety net; seeking first kingdom and righteousness; "Freedom of religion"?; Affordable housing?; Ephesus denominations; Jesus' Church = social safety net for Christians; "visiting" widows and orphans; Roman free bread; Deceitful meats; Peter's objection; "Son of God"; Not all clean; Judas?; Christ did His part; Commander-in-chief; Apostles

  • 4/13/24: Aboutness

    13/04/2024 Duración: 02h30min

    Aboutness; Republics; Laity; Sheep and Shepherd; Doing the will of the Father; Loving the light vs living in darkness; Nobody wants to find they're wrong; Humility; Developing trust; Christian atheism?; Temple functions; "Religion"; Slavery in the bible; Employment rules - see Master/Slave in Clark's Summary of US American Law; Statutes of Moses = Precedents; Juries decide fact and law; Christ's "weightier matters" and appointment of the kingdom; What are you missing?; Using Emotion as your source; Government?; Abolished slavery; The sin of Sodom; Cannibalism; Vampires; Bondage of Egypt; Servitude; Electing Saul; Laity rule; Legal charity; "gods" and sons of God; Public religion; Secular government; Being held responsible; Cities of refuge; Ten Commandments; Cities of blood; Deciding good and evil; General welfare; "leaven"; Tithing; Vengeance belongs to God; The need for righteousness; Your repentance; "Christians"; Understanding Jesus; Doctrines of Jesus; Affordances; Blood/flesh metaphor; Forced donations;

  • 4/13/24: John 12

    13/04/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Supposed to be seeking Kingdom and Righteousness; Social Justice; Justice vs revenge; Clergy/Laity; 329AD food shortage; Constantinian church; Following Christ's Way; Justin's apology; "Romans"; Roman republic; Daily ministration; God's vs man's governing; Caesar chronology; Degeneration of society; Sitting in darkness; John 12:1 pre-passover; "had the bag"; Rightful division of Church resources; Judas Iscariot not caring for the poor; "kleptes"; Religious orders; Ten-family groups; Libera res publica; Poor respecting the rich because they cared for them directly; "Scribes"; Faith becoming allegiance; "The Seven"; Benefits; Caring for the needy; How are you binding yourselves together?; Ez 16:49 sin of Sodom; Sharing charity with mercy; Addictions; 300 pence selling oil to the poor; Very expensive; Judas of Simon of Iscariot?; Freewill giving; Representative conversations; Church providing entire social welfare for community; Deut 17; Book for government of, for and by the people; Role of Laity (people); Juri

  • 4/6/24: Clergy and Laity - Digging Deeper

    06/04/2024 Duración: 02h45min

    Kingdom keys; Clergy and Laity - What is right; Defining "Clergy"; Appointing Christ's kingdom; Ordaining; Kingdom = government; Levites; "Dollar"; Biblical money; Mk 3:14 "poieo"; John 15:16 "tithemi"; Bearing fruit; Titus 1:5 Ordaining Elders "kathestemi"; Family is a critical idea; "Corban"; Daily sacrifice; Red heifer?; Gender; Shedding delusion; Meaning of minister; "Appointed" - "diatosso"; Titus 3:15; 1 Tim 2:7; Verity = truth; Angels?; Understanding meaning of metaphor; 1 Cor 9:14; Living of the Gospel; 1 Cor 7:17 Every man; Hidden things; Bringing to life; Keeping the commandments; Romans 13:1-3 "exousia"; Grain storage; Power - of choice; God's permission; Warnings of bondage; Come to brothers' aid; Industrious Israelites; Jubilee; Choosing your way; Christ's simple doctrine; Acts 1:22 "genomai"; Acts 10:42 "horizo" = determine; Binding and loosing; Acts 13:48 "tasso"; Acts 14:23 "kariatoneo"; Dogma = decrees; Determining aid distribution; Minister choice; Charity; No exercising authority; Minister

  • 4/6/24: Clergy and Laity

    06/04/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Bondage; Changing our thinking; Ten Commandments; Natural order of things; Family; Man-made governments; Nimrod - mighty provider instead of the Lord; Men and women; Understanding relationships; Clergy and Laity; Levite services; Social credit score; Canadian socialized medical system; Nicolaitans = conquered people; Welfare snares; The word of God; Burnt offerings; Freedom of choice; Dan 11 - Daily sacrifice cessation; Belonging to God - separate; Early American charity; Division between Clergy and Laity?; No exercising authority; "Clergy" - people ordained for religious duty; Altars - more than sheep burning; Sending community aid; "Rhomaios"; 1 Sam 8 commander-in-chief (Emperor); Saul's foolish thing; Deut 17; What priests do; LBJ great society; Power in Kingdom of God; Golden calf?; Love = Charity; Good servant parable; Modern Clergy; Learning to care for one another; "Religion"; Covetousness; Babel; Entanglement; Sacrifice of self; Pretend love; Just weights and measures; Legal title; "Pastor" = shepher

  • 3/30/24: Chasing Understanding

    30/03/2024 Duración: 01h20min

    John's gospel; Simon, parent of Lazarus, Mary and Martha - not mentioned; Nicodemus = "without blood"; Joseph - major contractor; Spreading Christianity; Weakening poor; Legal charity; Social Security; Maintaining republics; Jury nullification; Statutes?; Administrative rules; Knowing what Christ was doing; "Disciples"; The comforter; Born again of the spirit; Keeping away the Holy Spirit; Why you're in bondage; Corruption; Christ's "groaning"; Jesus, the resurrection; Letting in Holy Spirit; Loving your enemies; Evil within; Humbling yourself before God; Civil governments; Making government for yourself; Sabbath; Debt; Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac; Resisting God's kingdom; 1871 argument; "We The People"; Agreements with Pharaoh; Republics; Religious activity?; Sacrifice; Government of charity; Living Christ's way; Congregating; John 11:38; Mt 9:30; Jewish Christians; "Corban"?; Mark 1:43; Mark 14:5; Spiritual protection; Dan 11:30; Abomination that maketh desolate; What "woman"?; Riding the beast; Lk 19:41;

  • 3/30/24: John 11

    30/03/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Need for understanding the true gospel as the kingdom; Appointing His kingdom to a new group; Bible at the time of Christ; Power of the Pharisees; Christ instructing in royal treasury; Samaritans following Christ; Jews following Christ; Home church vs Early Church; "Clergy"; Daily ministration of Pure Religion; Cults; Roman "Senate"; Rome in Judea; Hyrcanus; Julius Caesar the priest; Names for God; Natural law; Monotheism; Fearing challenge; Media and government propaganda; John 11:1 Lazarus; "Son of God"; Commander-in-chief; Judges; Welfare snares; "Corban"; Waking Lazarus; Death is sleep?; Doubting Thomas; Do we know the real Jesus?; Theocratic government; Civil government; Biblical constitutions; Bondage of Egypt; Deut 17; Raising the dead; Whole truth; Guiding you to Christ; Simon, Lazarus' father; What's Mary doing?; Resurrection; "I am"; Secrecy; "Disciple"; Fleeing the Tree of Life; Being fruitful; Unbelievers usurping God; Blame game; "put to death"; "stoning"; Cruelty not allowed; Unsnaring social we

  • 3/23/24: County Commissioner Interview

    23/03/2024 Duración: 01h40min

    Making gospel relevant to today; CAFOS?; Land use and Water rights; War against farmers; SB-85; Water impact examples; Congressional influence; Neighbors not gathering; Regulating damagers; Moral opinions; Doing the right thing; Loving your dictator; Offering reason and alternatives; NIMBY?; Learning how to live with neighbors; Your slothful actions; Owning land and being free?; Biting one another; Forcing neighbors; Electing Sauls; Realizing your wrongs; Following the money; Whistleblowing; The (mark of the) Beast; Your salvation; Legal charity; Seed production; Abusing water rights; Corruption begins with the people; Referencing king David; Consequences; God's plan; Standing against corruption; Militias and tyranny; Loving your neighbors; Water districts and irrigation; Encouraging productive water use; The right thing to do?; Who to help?; Kingdom solutions; Individual rights; Working together; Stewardship; Why you're losing your liberty; Dog story; Innovation for property use; "Play farmers"; God-given ri

  • 3/23/24: John 10

    23/03/2024 Duración: 01h45min

    Kingdom of God and how it works; Bible study; What is the truth? Right? Wrong?; Tree of Knowledge; Rabbit trails; Understanding bible in historical context; Stoning Jesus?; How are you conforming to Moses and Christ?; Timing of "John"; Moses talking to the light; Getting comfort; Knowing Jesus; World needs saving; "I am"; John 10:1 "Verily verily"; Truth about yourself; Saul's folly; Forced sacrifice; "parable"; side-by-side comparison; Deut 17; Organizing in Kingdom of God; Suggestions for your constitution; Serving your fellow man; Jesus as the door; Capitalists with charity; Kingdom nature; Eating flesh of Christ?; Repentance = thinking differently; Good shepherd; Freedom of choice; Hearing the voice of the shepherd; Other sheep?; Humility; Laying down our lives; Feast of the dedication?; Being of the Father; Solomon's porch?; Graven images; Hewing stones of the altars; Supporting Christ's ministry; Scattered flocks of the world; "Blasphemy" - making one's self "God"; Evidence of truth; Works?; Fighting ev

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