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  • March Madness, Kentucky Booted, Gohlke NBA Jam Mode, UVA First Four Debacle, Duke Obliterates the Dukes, NFL News, Puff Daddy vs the Internet, Sports Gambling, Ohtani, NCAAW, Failhorn Burps 03-27-2024

    28/03/2024 Duración: 02h17min

    Segment 1: March Madness THROWDOWN! Celebrating the magic of the moment – predictable unpredictability. Oakland’s Jack Gohlke goes NBA Jam ON FIRE mode vs Kentucky. The Calipari question – leveraging NIL to keep talent beyond the one and done. When the crowd turns on you – pulling for the underdog. The UVA First Four debacle, the legend of Cream Abdul-Jabbar, and atrocious basketball. Single slipper Cinderellas. Introducing the kids to March Madness. Houston – Texas A&M slugfest. Duke obliterates the Dukes. The JMU sports stepping stone. The garbage Samford foul, FAU’s dumpster fire final possession, and running through great (and not so great) moments. Peter King, remembering Dr. Z, and SI goes AI. NFL games on Christmas. NFL roundup. Tight lipped Washington, the rise of JJ McCarthy, and the NFL’s pre-draft lying season. San Diego lives on. The NFL draft, trading into the three hole, and the Internet has a field day with the Puff Daddy allegations. Segment 2 (1.00.40): Sports betting shenanigans, Jontay

  • NFL Free Agency Fun, Justin Fields Dilemma, Kirk Cousins Karaoke, Tuting and Oates, HTTR Rebuild, Saquon, Russell Wilson, March Madness Begins, Worthless Life Skills, Sting’s Final Match 03-14-2024

    16/03/2024 Duración: 02h09min

    Segment 1: NFL FA throwdown plus 3.14 Pi Day shenanigans. Chargers blow it up, no one does Dallas, and the Flacco Rainbow lives on. Jerry Jones, ALL IN! The salary crap game, resetting the safety market, the RB market parallel, and the pushback on QB contracts. The Danny Dimes dumpster fire plus Saquon to Philly. The Justin Fields dilemma, Poles overplayed his hand, and when a QB simply hasn’t shown that he is the dude. Sam Howell gets a fresh start in Seattle. Kirk Cousins, Hall of Fame QB contract negotiator. Carolina keeps rolling on the fail train. Kirk Cousins karaoke, NFL Dad Joke mode, and going down the “There I Ruined It” mashup rabbit hole. The Todd fueled Hall and Oates tangent – Tuting and Oates (38.23). Segment 2 (46.51): NFL FA roundup. Salud o’clock! Sports Brew Podcast judgement at the Pearly Gates. Rocking the WHAT ARE WE DOING throwback. Duke BSE, a 2007 rewind, and remembering that VCU run. The Giants struggle bus, Saquon’s Philly potential, and Tiki Barber rocks the click bait. Jason Kelce

  • Super Bowl, Chiefs Deliver, 49ers Muff the Chip, Mahomes Goes Legend, TB12, the OT Question, Chris Jones, Taylor Swift’s Box, Caitlin Clark Logo 3, Thanks Todd, DP F Bomb, Carl Weathers RIP 02-16-2024

    17/02/2024 Duración: 02h36min

    Segment 1: Chiefs – 49ers Super Bowl THROWDOWN! Caitlin Clark goes logo to break the scoring record. Appreciating greatness in the moment and in the context of a player’s respective era. Gronk goes wide right AGAIN. The Chiefs clutch out a win over the 49ers. Giggity dreams a dream of holding calls against the Chiefs, break stuff, and sports fan pain. Cementing a legacy – when a legend steals the win. Thanks a lot, Todd. Super Bowl party shenanigans and the exit strategy fail train. Old school reaction videos, fan meltdowns, and TV smashing mishaps. Appreciating the defensive efforts of both teams. Steve Wilks gets das boot. Spags dap. The magic of an elite QB and an elite HC. Chris Jones rocking the 22s, moments of defensive mayhem, and critical impact plays. Dre Greenlaw goes down plus the 49ers injury bug. When your 7 year old daughter turns into a Swiftie. Kyle Shanahan vs OT. Segment 2 (1.03.55): Super Bowl roundup. Salud o’clock! Toby Keith RIP. Raising a glass to Carl Weathers (RIP). Pop culture icons,

  • NFL Playoffs, AFC NFC CG, Rising to the Moment, Chiefs Playoff Mode, Ravens Struggle Bus, Lions Analytics, 49ers Resolve, Brock Purdy Gloss, Mahomes Stacks Wins, Traylor Swelce, Super Bowl 02-01-2024

    02/02/2024 Duración: 02h59min

    Segment 1: NFL roundup – AFC and NFC Championship Throwdown! Beautiful playoff chaos. Rising to the moment in the playoffs – plays to make and plays to take. An accidental NBA tangent. 70 point game shenanigans - nice defense, NBA. Bill Laimbeer fisticuffs. A new chapter for the Orioles. A Ben Simmons drive by and NBA draft suck buckets. The Ben Johnson coaching pull out method, Dan Quinn (officially hired after we recorded), and the Cowboys playoff meltdown. Coaches and teams that rise to the moment (and those that don’t). Brock Purday clutches up. Ravens – Chiefs. Playoff mode Travis Kelce, the invisible Ravens running game, and a curious case of the stupids. Taking advantage of opportunities – making the moment. The Zay Flowers fumble, a triple coverage INT, and a dose of little brother syndrome (LBS). The unfortunate Playoff Lamar narrative lives on – playoff legacies define careers. The Patrick Mahomes effect, the impact of sustained excellence on recruiting talent, and the secret sauce of competing for

  • NFL Playoffs, Bills Wide Right II, Packers 49ers Rivalry, Ravens Roll, Mahomes Brady Mode, Purdy Redemption Arc, Jason Kelce Fun, Jordan Love, Full Favre, Lions, Shannon Nap, Boeing Blowout 01-25-2024

    26/01/2024 Duración: 02h45min

    Segment 1: NFL roundup – Divisional throwdown! Shannon LIVES, bad Chinese food, and turning the plane around – the nap crappening. Jim Irsay survives, shots, and the Dan. The return of Jim Harbaugh, breaking the Chargers gonna Charger cycle, plus the Dan Campbell effect - the power of personality. NFL coaching news roundup, Ben Johnson speculation, Vrabel, and waiting for the dominos to fall. Divisional roundup. Ravens – Texans. Lamar rolls, blowing the doors off the Texans, and an Otto Graham fun factoid throwback. Josh Allen statistical ridiculousness. The Philip Rivers family QB party. Chiefs – Bills playoff drama. The Chiefs are in prime TB12 Patriots mode. The pain of playoff losses, especially when you’re at the game. Wide Right II. The fake punt fiasco, the endzone fumble touchback rule debate, and a series of blown opportunities. The bump, the drop, and the miss. Mahomes playoff mode, ref shenanigans, and the ol’ VT “Stick it in” chant. Jason Kelce, man of the people. Internet rage, Tyler Bass, and Bi

  • NFL Wildcard, Packers DESTROY the Cowboys, Texans Roll, McCarthy, Belichick ATL, CJ Stroud, Jordan Love, Dan Campbell Goes Kool-Aid Man, Lions Rams Gut Check, Eagles BSE, Divisional Preview 01-19-2024

    20/01/2024 Duración: 02h15min

    Segment 1: NFL roundup – Wildcard throwdown! The Packers absolutely debacle the Cowboys. Mike McCarthy somehow survives the purge, regular season success, and post-season disasters. Regular season football vs playoff football. The post Rodgers era, LaFleur’s growth, and the in-season evolution of Jordan Love. The Texans house the Browns, CJ Stroud goes lights out, and Houston brings the heat. Cowboys fans go shocked Pikachu face, Surrender Cobra mode, and the Fox dedication to the Twitter Terminator. Brady, Manning, and the NFL’s missing rings. Looking back at the Jordan Love draft – a tough decision paying dividends. Revisiting Belichick to Atlanta. Lions – Rams football fisticuffs. Matt Stafford stares off into oblivion. Peyton Manning’s Detroit football exorcism. The Lions stay aggressive, putting the ball in Goff’s hands, Puka Nacua dap, and an absolute gut check game. Appreciating Dan Campbell, the Jared Goff arc, and the Detroit Lions turnaround. Appreciating the stories of the season. The Catch II, a Y

  • NFL Playoffs, CFP, Michigan Delivers, Harbaugh Speculation, Belichick, Coaching Turnover, Packers, Wildcard Weekend Storyline Fun, David Tepper Cooter Scooter, Saban, LANK, Having a Ball 01-12-2024

    13/01/2024 Duración: 02h27min

    Segment 1: NFL roundup – the playoffs begin! Colts 4th down of fail plus enjoying the Texans turnaround. Weird 18 NFL wonkiness, the rest vs rust dilemma, and the Eagles debacle. Cowboys expectations, Mike McCarthy, and Aaron Jones goes home. A full slate of juicy NFL playoff storylines. Matthew Stafford vs Jared Goff, McCarthy vs Packers, Tyreek back in KC - the NFL script writers rejoice! The Jordan Love payoff - balancing short term needs with the longer term draft and develop strategy in Green Bay. The Justin Fields dilemma. Marvin Harrison, Jr. NFL kids – Tyreek, Rivers, Cromartie and the next generation. David Tepper tossing scooter cooter shots – Dan Snyder mode engaged! Washington’s organizational turnaround (Adam Peters hired after we recorded). Scooter Cooter mode. CFP rewind, Michigan delivers, Harbaugh bully ball, and the PAC-12 goes down. Nick Saban retirement stunner. A wild week for NFL Head Coaches, surprise firings, and mutual partings. Jim Harbaugh, the anti-Norv Turner. Fun with Bill Belich

  • NFL Wk 15, Christmas, Cowboys, Eagles, Doritos Liquor, Tyreek Goes Nick Cannon, Bills, Frankenstein NFL Player Mashups, Banner Fails, Failhorn Angel, Peter Cullen Emmy, Optimus Prime, CFP 12-21-2023

    22/12/2023 Duración: 02h57min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 15 roundup. AFC South shenanigans. Doritos Nacho Cheese liquor, Tyreek vs Nick Cannon, and the return of D-Stat! Doug Gottlieb vs Brock Purdy. NFL MVP roundup, a case for co-MVPs, and the Lamar Jackson factor. The Tommy Devito pizzeria story. Tyreek’s Ravens role play reversal. NFL storylines, Eagles struggle bus, and the dangerous Buffalo Bills. Eagles – Seahawks. A Flacco Rainbow rewind, the Bears butt suck brigade, and the intriguing possibility of a Browns – Ravens playoff matchup. The Chargers meltdown, Staley booted, and the Antonio Pierce question. The Frankenstein NFL player mashup debate (53.09). Motherbrain Manning Favre mode, Peyton Vick, and Cam Purdy is born. Rashard Mendenhall disapproves of this segment, IYKYK edition. Sports banner fails, Lakers NBA Cup edition. Segment 2 (1.08.04): NFL roundup. Salud o’clock! Happy birthday, D-Stat’s mom (and an accidental Tyreek Hill blast)! Bills – Cowboys and the Dallas dilemma. 49ers – Cardinals. Ravens – Jaguars. Bucs – Packers, Baker

  • NFL Week 14, Eagles BSE, Rage Face Karen Mahomes Heel Turn, Cam Newton Game Managers, Brock Purdy, NFL MVP, Rex Ryan Toe Blast, Packers BSE, Draymond, Ohtani Gets PAID, Halo Gravity Hammer 12-15-2023

    16/12/2023 Duración: 02h35min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 14 roundup. The Chargers get debacled, the Aidan “Sid” O’Connell mashup, Colts BSE, and a bunch of grotesque football. A backup QB party, Joe Flacco to the rescue, Tommy Cutlets, and Vinnie “Pizza the Hut” Devito mode. Death pool disaster mode. Cam Newton on game manager quarterbacks, game changers, and Brock Purdy. Moving beyond the highlight reel for competent QB play, game management style. Elite talent benefits from elite talent. The stat question, rising to big moments, and consistent competitiveness. System? It’s the fit, bro. NFL MVP race roundup. Bills – Chiefs. Rage Face Karen Mahomes mode. The Kadarius Toney debacle, the off-sides fail, Mahomes rocks the heel turn, and a stunning end game sequence. The Internet keeps receipts – a thread of favorable KC calls. Frank Wycheck, RIP. Rex Ryan putting the toe in Toney. A reminder of the roster building challenges once your QB gets paid. Segment 2 (1.15.36): NFL roundup. Salud o’clock! Fascinating Aida Mahomes Mashup. Christmas stacks -

  • NFL Week 13, Packers Progression, 49ers, Big Dom Disaster, CFP Chaos, Follow the Money, FSU Hosed, CFP and ESPN’s New Jimmy V Tagline, eBay Feedback Destruction, Turbo Turds Shart Cart 12-07-2023

    08/12/2023 Duración: 02h07min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 13 roundup. Patriots Barf Bowls and Washington tank mode. Near miracle death pool picks, Jake Browning, Bengals – Jaguars, and the shart cart. Randy and the Turbo Turds. 49ers – Eagles. The 49ers drop the payback hammer on Philly. Packers – Chiefs, terrible officiating, plus the progression of Love and LaFleur. The long game of draft and development. The Brotherly Shove debate lives on. David Carr’s atrocious take on Jalen Hurts. Appreciating the rebuild results in Houston and Green Bay. An absolute fail - Big Dom, Mike Greenlaw, the Sopranos, and non-player personnel interference. Drawing a clear line against sideline personnel injecting themselves into a game. The Mahomes hit – guarding against sideline shenganigans. A bucket blast. Segment 2 (1.13.21): NFL roundup. Salud o’clock! CFP Roundup. FSU gets hosed, the CFP big boot, and an attempt to shape the playoff narrative (and ratings). Whitfield doesn’t do Cider. An eBay feedback destruction that lives on two decades later. Violating th

  • NFL Week 12, Thanksgiving, Ryan Shazier Back Door Cover, Packers, Eagles Bills Gut Check, DK Metcalf ASL, New Era in NCAAF, Tepper Tantrum, Fairytale in Philly, Ben Johnson, KY Blunderbuss 12-01-2023

    02/12/2023 Duración: 02h23min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 12 roundup. The 2023 Extinction Level Event, Shannon’s Kentucky firearms road trip, and breaking out the Busta Blunderbuss. Dropping Thanksgiving bombs, tater time, and the quintessential cranberry sauce fruit log. Thanksgiving football rewind. NFC North roundup, Packers up, Lions struggle bus, and Dobbs comes crashing back to earth. The barf bowl. The MNF flex and the fan impact. Iowa – Michigan over under point totals and the back door cover that Ryan Shazier deserves. Off the rails mode, engaged – Ryan Shazier’s letter of the day! The Cookie Monster Ryan Shazier mashup gets the Fascinating Aida treatment. The Packers and Love’s progression. The Chiefs litmus test, the upper decker nosebleed throwback, and a looming late season push. Dallas – Seahawks and a compelling TNF game. Getting inclusive with some next level thinking - DK Metcalf talks trash in ASL. Revisiting the double bye 18 week schedule idea. The Dolphins – Jets Black Friday game delivers the Hell Mary. The Aaron Rodgers com

  • NFL Week 11, Chiefs Drop Party, Thanksgiving Fun, Mashed Potatoes Bulls Intro, CFP, Todd’s RAR Reviews, Transformers, Flacco Rainbow, TB12, Washington BSE Tank Job, Cheese-less Cheese Pizza 11-22-2023

    23/11/2023 Duración: 02h52min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 11 roundup. The Thanksgiving Tater Timer. The 49ers roll the Bucs, Brock Purdy delivers, and the playoff challenge. Black Friday football! The injury train keeps rolling, QB depth charts, and Joe Burrow goes down. Washington goes full struggle bus vs the Giants, Tommy DeVito bonus desserts, and the tank throwing strategy. No hot water - the full FedEx experience. The looming Rodgers return. The coaching carousel cranks up – Dorsey, Canada, plus Staley on a cliff. Chiefs – Eagles, the MVS experience, and a KC drop party. NCAA CFP roundup. Jordan Travis factor, Hugh Freeze NM State BSE, and JMU goes down to App State. Broncos – Vikings, Kareem Jackson, Denver’s redemption, and a turnover party. Micah Parsons vs C4 energy powder. Two gums, one cup. Todd’s RA Restaurant Reviews, FOR THE WIN. Segment 2 (1.10.08): NFL roundup. Salud o’clock! More Frozen! AOT final final season finale (maybe). Netflix’s Transformers: War for Cybertron. Collectible madness, HasLab Galactus, and a Transformers Stud

  • NFL Week 10, Belichick, 49ers, Texans, CJ Stroud Gloss, the Passtronaut, Draymond Headlock, Swifties, Kelce Bros Are Ok, Bills Debacle, Gutsy Lions, Failhorn Backdoor Mode, Garbage NFL Refs 11-16-2023

    18/11/2023 Duración: 02h20min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 10 roundup. Colts – Patriots shenanigans, fake clock spike fails, and a stunning fall from football grace. The master plan – right there for the tanking. Big Bill Belichick goes Big Baller Brand. The 49ers bounce back, thrashing the Jags, and the CMAC streak ends. Force feeding for stats and juggling two balls. The Jaguars hit up the Dolphins struggle bus. The surprisingly competitive Houston Texan. David Tepper, Bryce Young, and the inescapable CJ Stroud comparisons. Two of the best stories of the season – CJ Stroud and Josh Dobbs. Kevin O’Connell, the legacy of that stacked Redskins coaching staff, and the legend of the Passtronaut. The power of belief, in-season turnarounds, and Kyler Murray returns. Tommy Devito, mama’s boy. Draymond Green choke party. Draymond’s load management, Taylor Swift’s lyric update, and the Kelce brothers are doing just fine. Harden and the Clippers rock the BSE. The Failhorn goes CCR - a Sports Brew back door exit strategy. Segment 2 (1.04.01): NFL roundup. D

  • NFL Week 8, 49ers Struggle Bus, Kirk Cousins Injury, Ref BSE, World Series Rangers ROAD Warriors, Todd Birthday, Harden Trade, Failhorn Halloween Candy Fail, Matthew Perry, Bobby Knight RIP 11-03-2023

    03/11/2023 Duración: 02h33min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 8 roundup. The Rangers bag the World Series. A story of the season - NFL officiating inconsistencies. The 49ers rock the struggle bus, the Brock Purdy concussion question, and the Chase Young trade. The Bengals round into form, Joe Burrow gets his groove back, and in-season growth opportunities. The Chase Young factor, a defensive dilemma, upside, and the Bosa reunion. The Vikings roller coaster, Jordan Addison dap, and the turnaround crash and burn. The Kirk Cousins injury – an absolute Vikings fan gut punch. Overcoming in-season adversity – the story of football. On field mistakes – when an inch becomes a mile. Washington – Eagles. AJ Brown keeps balling, Slingin’ Sammy Howell, and living the fan cycle meme of fail. The Bill Belichick to DC rumors. The Ron Rivera golden parachute tour. The inequity of selective booth review. The levitating Lions fumble, the gambling question, and beneficial interventions. Happy birthday, Todd! Birthday wiener whistles and a Lisa Loeb drop. Segment 2 (1.0

  • NFL Wk 6 Upset Party, MLB Playoffs, Patriots Back to Reality, Belichick, Rodgers Rehab, Colorado BSE, Splitting Off College Football from Conferences, Chargers Gonna Charger, Bills Fugly W 10-18-2023

    20/10/2023 Duración: 02h39min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 6 roundup. Beware the Whitfield old man naps. The Anthony Richardson injury dilemma. Steve Smith, Sr. goes full agent 89 on Jerry Jeudy. Browns – 49ers upset party, Jim Schwartz has Kyle’s number, Purdy’s 49ers fit, and fugly NFL wins. Jets – Eagles. Run the damn ball, Philly. Zach Wilson’s Donna Kelce turnaround. Going all in - the Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury rehab mission. The power of a Hall of Fame QB, erasing mistakes, TB12, A-A-Ron, and organizations left holding the bag. D-Stat celebrates the Las Vegas Aces. Colorado’s collapse against Stanford. NCAA football roundup. Take the points, ya’ll. The Caleb Williams rumors about asking for an ownership stake in an NFL team. The PAC-12’s last gasp. Stop killing conferences and split off football (53.38). The Notre Dame example - using a conference for everything other than football. The legacy of Big East basketball. Don’t destroy the landscape of college sports for football alone. Pumpkin spice Hans Solo mode. Segment 2 (1.09.42): NFL r

  • NFL Week 3, Dolphins ROLL, Chiefs, Kelce Taylor Swift Blows Up, Brotherly Shove, Jets Bears Disasters, Teeth Out, Vikings Go Full Chargers, Ahsoka, No Kap, TRA GWW, Captain Birthday Dinner 09-27-2023

    30/09/2023 Duración: 02h47min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 3 roundup. The Colts – Ravens FG party curveball. Sports Brew wives, Christian McCaffrey TD record, and quality losses. Jaguars womp womp, a fat man TD, and the Texans roll. The Dolphins and Chiefs scorefest. The Travis Kelce – Taylor Swift glow-up blow-up. The Dolphins slaughter the Broncos, the no look shovel, A-Chain nickname fun, and a poinstsplosion. Sean Payton gets roasted. The Justin Fields Bears disaster keeps trucking. Dame to the Bucks. Family tequila shots. Arizona runs over Dallas, Cowboys red zone debacles, and Dak’s WKC BSE mode. Chiefs – Bears. The Lovie Smith penance continues. Oregon bushwhacks Colorado, outmatched in the trenches, and lessons for Prime. Andy Reid and Bill Belichick keep hitting milestones. Laces out, teeth out. Segment 2 (1.06.09): NFL roundup. Salud o’ clock! Breaking out the Team Awesome wedding Jack Daniel’s. Birthday shenanigans, 2x Pocahoptas, and Torgue dap. An Ahsoka tangent, a calculated Thrawn, and letting shows breathe. Birthday dinner, suck it

  • NFL Week 2, Slinging Sammy Howell, Chargers, QB BSE, Cowboys, Coach Prime, Fan Fights, Zach Wilson Days of Thunder, Kelce Swift, Ahsoka, Captain Birthday, Boebert Butter Bucket, LBB Mode 09-21-2023

    22/09/2023 Duración: 02h37min

    Segment 1: NFL Week 2 roundup. The Anthony Richardson upside tease. Colts – Texans. Helping young QBs grow their game. The 49ers handle the Giants on TNF. 49ers – Rams shenanigans and the Puka Nacua party. Chargers gonna Charger - Brandon Staley’s hot seat. Eagles – Vikings. Bucs – Bears. The Baker Mayfield resurgence in Tampa Bay. The Chicago – Justin Fields dumpster fire. Bourbon Meyer, Lauren Boebert, and the Beetlejuice butter bucket handyman. Packers – Falcons, you gotta learn how to close out teams, and Bijan Robinson is a baller. Seahawks – Lions deliver more fireworks. Teams in trouble, Burrow on the struggle bus, and the 0-2 hole. Steelers – Browns, Nick Chubb’s ugly injury, and Deshaun Watson goes full BSE mode. Deshaun Watson rocks the Boebert Butter Bucket - you down with LBB? Segment 2 (1.05.03): NFL roundup. Salud o’ clock! Oktoberfest season and the Hardywood Rum Barrel Pumpkin. The Rod Gardner Chili Cookoff Rewind. Washington delivers in Denver. Sean Payton’s struggle bus, Hail Mary wildness,

  • NFL Week 1, Rodgers Injury, Josh Allen Dilemma, Prime Time Colorado, Packers Own the Bears, Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistles, Giant Debacle, Fans at FedEx, 49ers, Ahsoka Delivers, Summer Catchup 09-14-2023

    16/09/2023 Duración: 02h41min

    Segment 1: Kicking off the NFL season, Sports Brew style. NFL Week 1 roundup – beware the week one over-reaction. The 49ers bushwack the Steelers. D-Stat goes Tiny Dancer as the Cowboys completely debacle the Giants. Country Lurch, wiener whistles, and Whitfield squeezes in. Lions – Chiefs, Kadarius Toney hot potato, and the Jared Goff reclamation project pays dividends. Travis Kelce’s Taylor Swift TLC rehab. The Jets – Bills rollercoaster, Rodgers goes down, and the Josh Allen turnover dilemma. QB speculation plus the TB12 side eye. Packers – Bears. Jordan Love keeps the Bears owning tradition alive. Opening weekend football watching bliss. Dear NFL – time to kick some grass. Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffalo are must-watch TV. Colorado State makes it personal (ruh roh). Shifting the college landscape, Deion style – WE COMIN’! College football roundup. Jags – Colts. Raiders – Broncos. Browns – Bengals. Joe Burrow womp womp. The Rams hammer the Seahawks. Salud o’clock! Summer catch up. Raising a glass to t

  • Dumpster Dan Washington Sale, NBA Playoffs, Ja Morant Gun Fail, Hungry Heat, Nuggets Roll, Jimmy Butler FAFO Mode, Sports Streaming, Salty Spice, Weinermobile RIP, Bulls Intro Pullout Party 05-19-2023

    21/05/2023 Duración: 02h29min

    Segment 1: The Washington sale inches closer as the fanbase gets excited for the end of Dumpster Fire Dan Snyder. Salty Spice in action, senior moments, and a proud dad moment. Ja Morant checks out of cash on IG Live. JJ Redick, Ja Morant firearm fail blowback, and getting your circle right. Who’s who and what’s what. The rise and the fandom teardown fall of fail. NFL roundup. The 49ers scheduling rest differential plus a contrast with the Jets. The Little Mermaid streaming loop and Peacock Wildcard Game streaming blowback. Bob Huggins dropping F bombs. Final Destination log trucks. Failhorn birthday mode. NBA playoff chatter, Lakers – Nuggets, and Heat – Celtics. The NBA MVP vote rewind, Lakers slop, and the inconsistent Celtics. Spoelstra and the hungry Heat. Keven Harlan, Jimmy Freakin’ Butler, and the butt pucker incident. The challenge of real time betting and sports streaming. An old Todd Birthday blast rewind – do your Meagles, bro! Segment 2 (1.04.53): Raising a glass to the end of the Dan Snyder era!

  • NFL Draft, Rodgers to Jets, Lamar’s Bag, USC Jersey Thieves, Star Wars Force Chokes, Philly Bulldogs, Jackson Mahomes DBag Mode, Exploding Rockets, Cinco de Drunko Ritas, Wilt Pullout Party 05-04-2023

    06/05/2023 Duración: 02h07min

    Segment 1: The NFL draft plus off-season NFL shenanigans. Beware the morning after Revenge of the 5th. The Colts and the intrigue of upside – Anthony Richardson. Shane Steichen and the optimistic Jalen Hurts parallel. Short term vs long term draft evaluations plus the reality of bustology. The Packers get offensive plus the Van Ness family butt pat. The Philadelphia Bulldogs. Some of our favorite draft moments. The Texans get aggressive. Separating traditional running backs vs offensive weapons. Amidst Kyler Murray trade rumors, the Cardinals stockpile picks. Two USC Journalism students steal draft pick jerseys from the NFL Draft. Short Dan Man, Kyler Murray Red Wolves edition. NBA Playoff roundup, injuries, and a bunch of head coaches get das boot. Playoff Jimmy drops the hammer, Dillon Brooks gets an F, and LeBron rocks the 20 and 20. Ted Lasso, Roy Kent action, plus The Man in the High Castle. We owe Shannon balls.   Segment 2 (59.41): If you were going to be a first round pick, would you attend the draft