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Tools for HeartConnexion Living to live a grace-based life.


  • Gentle Winds - CD by BT Alumnus Sean Clouse


    Sean Clouse has produced a wonderful CD of instrumental music designed to enhance meditation and contemplation. Mike Hudson, Efrain Flores and Lester Estelle accompany Sean with a relaxing blend that doesn't get in the way of creating a devotional experience....

  • Podcast: How Audacious Are Your Prayers?


    What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase “audacious prayer?” Audacious means 1) extremely bold or daring, recklessly brave, fearless; 2) extremely original, without restriction to prior ideas, highly inventive; 3) recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety,...

  • Advice From a Tree


    Have you ever looked to a tree for advice? Mark Hanson shares the wisdom of a tree to create a wise life as a person. powered by ODEO Download MP3Advice From a Tree (3033.6K) Download and print ToolAdvice From a...

  • Arkful Living


    What does Noah's challenge or Evan Almighty's "opportunity" have to do with HeartConnexion Living? Mark Hanson shares his perspective on Arkful Living as this week's Tool for HeartConnexion Living. Enjoy! 20 min. approx. powered by ODEO Download: gcpodcast_20071016.mp3 (7466.6K) Download...

  • Seven Word Shifts to Change Your Life


    Words matter. The words we use, even in our casual speach, have the power to bless us with options and opportunities or to restrict and confine us to repeating unhealthy life patterns. Words we use can either allow us to...

  • The Question Connexion - Going Deeper


    This week's podcast from the Front Porch includes an interview with Jan Harris sharing how she developed new eyes to see her neighbor and to have a concern to share heart in a way she had never experience before. Who...

  • Pathway to Healthy Conversations Pt. 2


    Two skills are critical to maintain healthy dialog: 1) Noticing when the conversation has become too risky for either party and 2) Knowing how to restore the two fundamental conditions needed for safety. The key conditions are: Mutual Purpose and...

  • Pathway to Healthy Conversations Pt. 1


    Ever have a conversation go bad? Suddenly what you thought was going to be a safe discussion become unsafe for you or for the other person? What makes a conversation unsafe? What do we do with those risky conversations we...

  • Q and A Living Your Contract


    What about being a TA? Using "I Experience You As..." Outside the Training? Living With Other People's Triggers? Length: 10 min 25 sec. powered by ODEO Download GCPodcast20070904.mp3 (3673.9K)