Max and Danny talk sports and life and what they want for lunch.


  • PicksCast 044: The Super Bowl & Lost Goff

    06/02/2019 Duración: 53min

    On this weeks episode of the PicksCast Max and Danny talk about The Super Bowl, Patriots Win, Blacking Out, Trophy Ceremony, Boring Game, 5:00 A.M Wake Ups, Drinking Water, Hot Cheatos, Dead Fish, Bed Flopping, Waking Up French Fries, Ordering Hi-Ho, Ketchup Packets, Murdering The Ham Burgler, McDonalds Burgers, Double Cheese burgers, Sweet And Sour Sauce, Meatball And Jalepeno Pizza, Great Food Setup, Giant Pizzas, High West Bourbon, High Brow Bourbon, Burger Debates, Pacing Watching, The Rams Blew It, Gambling Backwards, Premonition Dan, Sean Mcvey, Copycat League, Mics In The Helmets, Break Huddles, Jared Goff, Audibles, Layers Of Changing Plays, Zone Coverage, Josh Gordon, Out With A Rehab, Gillmore Interception, Blitzing, Safeties, Cover 0, Uno, Draw 4 Wild Card, Chills, Football Nerdy, Lowest Rated Super Bowl, Saints Fans, Sean Peyton, Beat LA Celtics T Shirt, Goats, Packer Fans Were Salty, Great Pass Rush, Tony Romo, Maroon 5, Adam Levine, Air Quotes, Fishing For Compliments, California Tattoo, Big Boi

  • PicksCast 043: Patriot Games & Refs To Blame

    24/01/2019 Duración: 57min

    On this weeks episode of the PicksCast Max and Danny talk about AFC and NFC championship Games, Amazing Weekend Of Football, Last Year AFC & NFC Champs, New England Patriots, Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars, One Of The Great Patriots Games, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Power Running Game, Touchdowns, Sacked, Interceptions, Fourth Quarter Magic, The Under, Betting, Thumbs, Camera Angles, Controversial Calls, Roughing The Passer, Blown Calls, The Refs Suck, The NFL Hates The Patriots, Jared Goff, Drew Brees, Long Pass Interference, Field Goals, Drinking The Patriots To Victory, Laser Sharp, Scumbags, Laser Pointers, Tyreek Hill, Beer Splash, Greatest Of All Time, Denzel Washington, Man On Fire, Baddest Mother F*cker On The Planet, Patriots Rams Super Bowl, The Big Game, Overtime Rules, Coin Toss, College Football OT Rules, Russel Wilson, Summer Meetings, More Cameras, Whiners Being Sore Losers, This Guy Hogan, Tom Brady’s Instagram, No Respect, Hugging, Swearing, Love, Worst Call Ever, Saints vs. Rams, Horri

  • PicksCast 042: Toms Turn & Gase Eyes

    18/01/2019 Duración: 01h01min

    On this weeks episode of the PicksCast Max and Danny talk about The Divisional Round Of The NFL Playoffs, Awesome Divisional Round, Watching Patriots, Colts Didn’t Show Up, Andrew Luck, The Indianapolis Colts, Dates Dan, Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Betting On The Colts, Away Team, 4 Team Parlay, Chiefs Offense Is Good, Domestic Assault, Hot Dogs, Pizza, 7 Eleven Food, Swindled By 7 Eleven All The Time, Pre Work Out, Powder Stuff, Sobering Up, Moonshadows, Day Drinking, Drinking Water, Patriots Are In Good Shape, Saints Favored To Win SB, Los Angeles Rams, Vegas Thinks Saints vs. Chiefs, AFC & NFC Championship, Cowboys vs. Rams, Brand New Rams Fans, Cowboys Defense Was Horrible, C.J Anderson, Cowboys Colts Not Showing Up, Twitter Blowing Up On C.J, Fat & Fast, Broncos, Garbage Time, Los Angeles Chargers, Tom Brady, Patriots Defense, Philip Rivers, 8 Kids, Chicken Bucket, Max Cooking, Baking Chicken, Gordon Ramsey, Baking, PicksCast Exclusive, Salmonia Diet, Not Deferring, Patriots Suck? Angry Brady,