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Host Rick Katschke and a cavalcade of guests have fun talking about a variety of items topical and anecdotal.


  • Host and Guest - Jake Slichter


    On the final Host and Guest of 2023, Rick is joined by writer and musician Jake Slichter to talk about the new Semisonic album, what it was like touring for the first time in 20+ years, Jake's book "So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star" and for a quick trip down memory lane to revisit how Jake & Rick first met in 2001.Semisonic's new album Little Bit of Sun is available now for purchase on vinyl, cd and digitally. It can also be streamed on your favorite service.So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star is available for purchase here: Jake's current writing here: you for listening to Host and Guest in 2023, have a great new year!

  • Host and Guest - Luke Geddes


    On a special Halloween episode of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by writer Luke Geddes. Luke is the creator of TV Grime, a comprehensive and introspective guide to Halloween episodes of TV shows up to 2004. Luke is also the author of the novel Heart of Junk, published by Simon & Schuster and available in paperback, hardcover and as an audio book. On this episode, Luke talks about his favorite Halloween tv show episodes, some of his favorite items that he's collected over the years (just like the characters in Heart of Junk) and discusses his Works of Love imprint.For more information, visit this episode of Host and Guest with Luke Geddes.

  • Host and Guest - Nate Fernald


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by Nate Fernald. They discuss Nate's band Crub that recently put out the new EP Welcome to My Life (, his work on The Late Late Show With James Corden and some of his favorite bits from Team Submarine, his comedy duo with Steve O'Brien. In particular, they reflect on a Chicago Sketchfest show by Team Submarine which to this day is the funniest show Rick has ever seen in-person.Here is a classic Team Submarine bit discussed in the episode: here is Nate's favorite sketch that he wrote for The Late Late Show With James Corden: Nate Fernald's return to Host and Guest! 

  • Host and Guest - Kent Watson (9/15/23)


    On the latest episode of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by Kent Watson to discuss his new art exhibit It Took a Long Time to Take This Shape which is currently on display at the NOVA Waddell Art Gallery at Northern Virginia Community College through October 2nd. But that's not all! In this episode, Kent reflects on his time at the Digital Video Club at UWM, talks about his work at Haverford College and plays a game. And not only that, this episode also features the world premiere of the Kent Watson song "Anger Goes Away".To check out Kent's work, visit his website

  • Host and Guest - Michael Carbonaro


    On the latest episode of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by magician and comedian Michael Carbonaro.In addition to being the star of the tv show The Carbonaro Effect, Michae l Carbonaro has also toured the country performing live and his current tour Lies on Stage will be coming to Waukegan at the Genesee Theatre. on Friday, September 8th. Ahead of the tour stop, Michael shares details of his live show, how he first became interested in magic and some of his favorite memories of shooting his tv show in the Chicagoland area.Tickets for the September 8th show in Waukegan can be purchased at and the full list of tour dates for Michael Carbonaro Lies on Stage can be found at this episode of Host and Guest with Michael Carbonaro.

  • Host and Guest - Steve Young


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by comedy writer and industrial musical expert Steve Young. If you've never heard of industrial musicals, they are musicals that were created for corporate meetings/sales conferences and then records of the shows were given to attendees intended as a souvenir and never meant to be heard by the general public. For over three decades, Steve has collected and uncovered industrial musical records. The documentary Bathtubs Over Broadway revolves around Steve's interest in industrial musicals and celebrates the performers and creators of the musicals. Steve also co-wrote the book Everything's Coming Up Profits: The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals.In this episode, Steve shares how working as a writer for David Letterman led to his discovery of industrial musicals, what he loves about industrial musicals and what attendees can expect as Steve begins to tour his love show The Weird and Wonderful World of Industrial Musicals. Steve will be in Milwaukee at the Cooperag

  • Host and Guest - Rick DeMint


    On the latest edition of Host and Guest, Rick Katschke is joined by Rick DeMint, the photographer behind Portroids, his series of portraits taken by a Polaroid camera. 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Portroids and Rick DeMint has taken over 5000 Portroids over the past two decades. On this episode, Rick DeMint shares how he started his hobby, some notable adventures he’s had taking Portroids, which one is his collection is the picture with the best composition and tales of meeting President Obama, Chance the Rapper, Please Don’t Destroy, Hank Azaria and more! Check out Rick’s collection at and follow him on Instagram @portroids and @rickdemint.

  • Host and Guest - Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy)


    On the latest episode of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy of Please Don’t Destroy ahead of their tour stop in Milwaukee on Thursday, July 13th. The comedy trio shares how they first met, some of their comedic inspirations, what it’s like to join Saturday Night Live and previews both their Summer tour as well as their feature film coming out this November on Peacock.For more information about Please Don’t Destroy and their 2023 tour, visit for their July 13th show at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee can be purchased at

  • Host and Guest - Curt Neill, Director of Derek's Dead


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by Curt Neill, the director/star of the film Derek's Dead. This episode covers Curt's start in comedy, his time performing in and creating shows for Channel 101, his recent short films and an in-depth discussion of his feature film Derek's Dead.Derek's Dead is now available on multiple streaming platforms including the free-for-all Tubi. You can watch the entire film here:'s recent short films are also available here: this edition of Host and Guest with Curt Neill.

  • Host and Guest - Oscar Harding, Director of A Life on the Farm


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by filmmaker Oscar Harding, director of the documentary A Life on the Farm. Oscar shares the VHS tape origins of the documentary, what it was like to shoot an international production during a pandemic, and how the film has now screened on all seven continents. A Life on the Farm is now available on VOD and will have a physical release on Blu Ray & DVD on July 18th.

  • Host and Guest - Joe Kwaczala


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by comedian Joe Kwaczala to discuss his new special Ooh La La as well as what Joe has been up to in the thirteen years since his last appearance on Host and Guest. The episode covers Joe’s comedy career including The Late Live Show, his viral Tainted Love dance tutorial, his love of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a memorable performance of his at a Milwaukee casino. For more information about Joe, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @Joekjoek or on Instagram @JoeKwa. Ooh La La is available now on Helium Comedy Club’s YouTube page:\

  • Host and Guest - Dan Wilson of Semisonic (June 5, 2023)


    Dan Wilson of Semisonic is the guest on this edition of Host and Guest. In this episode, Dan talks about the brand new Semisonic songs "Little Bit of Sun" and "Grow Your Own", the band's current Last Summer on Earth tour with Barenaked Ladies, what it is like to be on the road for the first time in twenty years and some memorable moments from past visits to Milwaukee.The Last Summer on Earth tour will be in Milwaukee on June 7th at the BMO Pavilion. Tickets are available now on"Little Bit of Sun" and "Grow Your Own" are both available on Spotify as well as YouTube. For more information about Semisonic, visit

  • Host and Guest - Quiz Daddy Scott Rogowsky


    Host and Guest is back with an episode almost fifteen years in the making! In the first-ever remote Host and Guest episode, Rick is joined by the Quiz Daddy himself, Scott Rogowsky! Their chat covers his career in comedy, his experience as the host of HQ, the Allen & Ginter baseball card of Scott Rogowsky and how Scott turned decades of collecting vintage apparel into his own business Quiz Daddy’s located in Santa Monica. Follow Scott on Twitter and Instagram with his handle @Quizzdaddys. Peruse and purchase from his collection at Thank you for listening to Host and Guest!



    Sorry, not a new Host and Guest episode (yet..) but instead I wanted to share the exciting news that my streaming project CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL is now available on the Found Footage Festival’s REWIND-O service.What is CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL? Listen to this quick primer for the details, then sign up for REWIND-O and check out CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL. After you watch it, please let me know your favorite part. The direct link for CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL is here:!

  • Host and Guest Episode 53: The Return of Morgan Taylor (Gustafer Yellowgold) and John Munson!


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is rejoined by Gustafer Yellwgold's Morgan Taylor and John Munson for an extended chat about the new Gustafer Yellowgold album "Gustafer Yellowgold's Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom" (available for purchase at  Morgan talks about what it is like to work with some of his musical heroes after being a fan for over twenty-five years.  Ken Chastain also joins in on the fun near the end of this episode.To revisit the first episode with Morgan, check it out at: revisit the first episode with John (the eighth episode of the show), check it out at:'s episode 53 of Host and Guest: IT!

  • Episode 52: Elijah Drenner (Director of That Guy Dick Miller, American Grindhouse)


    On this edition of Host and Guest, Rick is joined by Elijah Drenner, the director of the documentaries That Guy Dick Miler and American Grindhouse.  This interview took place before the second public screening of That Guy Dick Miller at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, WI. For more information about That Guy Dick Miller, check out as well as the film's Facebook page's Episode 52: IT!

  • Host and Guest Episode 51: Zack Carlson


    On this edition of the program, Rick is joined by Zack Carlson of the Alamo Drafthouse.  Zack is a programmer for the theater and also wrote the book Destroy All Movies! with Bryan Connolly.  You can purchase the book here: be sure to check out Zack's articles for Badass Digest at, here's the link for more information on Miami Connection:'s episode 51: IT!

  • Host and Guest Episode 50 Part 2: Tom Fuchs


    After over a month of anticipation following part 1's cliffhanger, here's the thrilling conclusion to the Tom Fuchs episode. STREAM IT!

  • Host and Guest Episode 50 part 1: Tom Fuchs


    After another prolonged absence, Host and Guest returns with beloved guest Tom Fuchs. As is tradition when he's on the problem, Tom takes a look back at the previous year's films and discusses the ones he enjoyed and hated. As is tradition, it's NSFW and gets off-track.Thank you for your continued support of Host and Guest.Here's Episode 50 part 1: it!

  • Host and Guest Episode 49: Evan Pilak of Peshtigo


    On this edition of the program, Rick is joined by Evan Pilak of the group Peshtigo. Peshtigo's music reflects the music of the 80s featured in knockoffs of John Hughes movies. Their first live show is Saturday, August 27th at the Cactus Club where they will perform first (aim to arrive around 9:30 if you're cool enough to attend). Their joke song "Permission to Party" was recently criticized by the Christian group ACNRA ( In addition to the interview, Evan also performed "Sad Song" from Peshtigo's eventual debut album. Here's episode 49:

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