Blood And Thunder!



A WoW pod cast for anyone who loves chaos, and hates murlocs.


  • #4 Jump Off The Building!


    Hello Hello Hello.In the news we talk about some hopeful patch notes. And we comment on the Tier 5 armor sets.Skeletor the rouge!Anyway our main topic of the week is Battlegrounds, then we get side tracked and start talking about in-game drunkenness. And then Dean starts to talk about gold farmers.alright... thats all i have for this week.iight I'm out!Blood and Thunder!

  • #3 We Have No What!?


    Hello Hello Hello to all 7 of our listeners out there.This is Brandon to bring you this week's Show Notes.There is no news this week, except i love the armory, and dean is indifferent.This week we discuss Class Misconceptions!! except for rouges.. since they have none. We also discuss how to balance out your equipment so that you my friends, can be a spartan too.Anyway that what we have, send us a email at [email protected] or leave us a comment here.iight, I'm out.Blood and Thunder!

  • #2 Blood Elves Wear What!?


    Alright, Here we go with this weeks show notes.In the news we discuss the new WoW armory. Is it a blessing for the lost and confused? Or a curse to those who fight for honor? who knows?Anyway our topic of the week is Horde and Alliance differences, And we finally find out what happened to Jason last week.And for any questions, comments or love just give us a email at [email protected]. You can also get us on iTunes, so leave a review there.iight, I'm out.Blood and Thunder!

  • #1 And Then There Was Another...


    Dean Here, bringing you the show notes!Patch Notes:Druids are getting a nerf, which many people have been calling for recently. Conversely, Holy Priests are getting a bit of a buff, to get people to stop respeccing holy. Blizzard is making it easier for warriors to generate rage.Blizzard is tweaking the rewards for the Arena, as was expected.As far as rumors go, it would seem there is talk of putting guild banks and housing into the game, a much desired inclusion.PUG Etiquette:The topic of the week. We talked about what to do and what not to do in a PUG, and told some horror stories to demonstrate what not to do.See you all next week!Blood and Thunder!