Vahighered Podcast: Voices Of Higher Education In Virginia



Students, educators, and administrators from Virginia's Community Colleges describe their experiences in higher education and explain how they're utilizing Virginia's educational excellence.


  • VaHigherEdPodcast: Episode 17 – Moving toward the same goals


    VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 17 - Chancellor Glenn DuBois reflects on Dateline 2009 strategic planning, and the “next generation” strategic planning that is under way at Virginia’s Community Colleges. As we near the end of the Dateline 2009 time period, several of the goals have already been — or will be — met.  Others have seen significant [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 16 – Faculty Diversity Program Expands


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 16 - This podcast episode features Chancellor Glenn DuBois, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Chris Lee, and participants in the Chancellor’s Faculty Diversity Program discussing ways the program is expanding to meet the goal of a more diverse faculty for Virginia’s Community Colleges.  Reaching out to students in master’s and doctoral programs at Virginia’s [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 15 – Community college program provides on-the-job training


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 15 - This week’s podcast features Virginia Western Community College student Stephen Jennings, who is finding the community college a great place to receive hands-on training for a third career in radiology. Listen by clicking on the audio link above or downloading the link to VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 15. Subscribe to this podcast through [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 14 – First Lady Anne Holton has “great expectations” for Virginia’s foster care youth


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 14 - This week’s VaHigherEd podcast features First Lady Anne Holton, keynote speaker at the Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy on April 23, 2008. The First Lady paid tribute to the philanthropy leaders being honored from Virginia’s 23 community colleges and shared her passion for Virginia’s families and their youth through the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 13- Outstanding students find outstanding opportunity


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 13- This week’s VaHigherEd podcast features an elite group of community college students, members of the “First Virginia Team,” named by the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as the “top ten” two-year students in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These “top ten,” along with more than 50 of their high-achieving peers who comprise the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 12 – Experience of a lifetime at Virginia’s Community College


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 12- The horticulture program at Virginia Highlands Community College provides Navy veteran Jillian Holcombe with what she calls the best educational experience of her life. One of the highlights:  A recent coastal ecology research trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a life-changing trip that allowed her first-hand knowledge of ecological marvels. A blog [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 11 – Community college provides doorway to career


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 11 - Community colleges provide doorway to career.  Armen Grigoryan, a dentist from Armenia, is starting over to earn his way back into dentistry – using Virginia Western Community College as his first step.  Grigoryan was featured in the Roanoke Times in May when he graduated with his associate’s degree in dental hygiene.    Subscribe to this podcast through a [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 10 – Becoming a teacher


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 10- In this second of a two-part series about the Career Switchers  program at Virginia’s Community Colleges, Mead Craun talks about her experience in the Career Switchers program. She’ll become a middle school teacher with a one-year license in July, after beginning the program at Germanna Community College in January. Click on the audio icon at the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast Episode 9: Rewards of teaching lures entrepreneur


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 9 - The first of a two-part series about the Career Switchers program at Virginia’s Community Colleges highlights Wylie Schwieder, who is enrolled in the Career Switchers program through Germanna Community College.  He expects the switch to teaching to become “one of the most rewarding things he will do” with his life.  Click on the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 8 – Quality classes, quality instructors


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 8 - Aspiring economist and honors student Steve Agarwal of NVCC’s Alexandria Campus talks about how small classes and top notch instructors add up to a high quality education at Virginia’s Community Colleges. Tune in for the eighth in a series of podcasts featuring Voices from Virginia’s Community Colleges. Click on the audio icon at the top to [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 7 – NASA co-op program launches careers


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 7 - Hear how a NASA co-op program with Thomas Nelson Community College is launching careers in the flight industry. Jeff Kraus talks to student Stephen Jennings about his experiences with community college as he trains for a NASA career. Tune in for the seventh in a series of podcasts featuring Voices from Virginia’s Community Colleges. Click on the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 6 – “A great way to start” a career in nursing


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 6 - ”A great way to start” a career in nursing. Jeff Kraus talks to Elizabeth Henerfauth, a student at Paul D. Camp Community College, about beginning a nursing program at a community college. Tune in for the sixth in a series of podcasts featuring Voices from Virginia’s Community Colleges. Click on the audio icon at the top to [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 5 – Career Coaches Guide ‘Realistic Dreams’


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 5- Career Coaches Guide ‘Realistic Dreams.’  Jeff Kraus talks to Charles McLeod, a career coach for J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. He works at Highland Springs High School to encourage students to plan for the future. Students, he says, need to believe in themselves - and their parents have to believe in themselves, as [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 4 – Voices from Middle College: Believe in Yourself Again


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast Episode 4 – Jeff Kraus talks to Middle College students from J. Sargeant Reynolds and Germanna community colleges at the General Assembly Building, where three students shared the successes the Middle College program has brought to their lives. Listen to them talk about their Middle College experience. Pictured left to right, Erick Jones; Ebony Jackson; and [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast Episode 3: WCC Student Jenna Boyer


    [audio] VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 3 – Jeff Kraus talks to Jenna Boyer of Wytheville Community College, who plans to take advantage of one of the guaranteed admissions agreements to continue her college career in biomedical studies. Listen to her talk about her experience at Wytheville and her day at the General Assembly. Tune in for the [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 2 – Tara Clark manages degree programs, job and family


    VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 2 - Jeff Kraus talks to Tara Clark, mother of three and Reynolds ambassador, who successfully juggles community college coursework with family and a full-time job. Tune in for the second in a series of podcasts featuring Voices from Virginia’s Community Colleges. Click on the podcast button above to download and listen.  You can also subscribe [...]

  • VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 1 – Chancellor Glenn DuBois discusses campus safety


     VaHigherEd Podcast: Episode 1 – Chancellor Glenn DuBois discusses campus safety and the report from the task force on emergency preparation. Tune in for the first in a series of podcasts featuring voices from Virginia’s Community Colleges.  Kicking the series off is a discussion of what was behind the Chancellor’s decision to take a comprehensive look [...]