I'll Have The Cheeseburger





  • 5 - Amici Restaurant (featuring @KingBrgrMistr69)


    Buongiorno Burgermeisters! In a gesture of European hospitality, Jeff and Dillon sit down at Amici Restaurant with their first guest ever, @KingBrgrMister69. Together, the three explore the intricacies of Italian cuisine. Buon appetito, amico!

  • Extreme IHTC: Home Edition #4 - Double-Double 07


    Bottoms up, Burgermeisters! After a lengthy hiatus, Jeff and Dillon return with an episode that's one part antics, one part information, and five parts Cheeseburger liquor! But will they be defeated by this strange brew? Listen to find out…

  • Extreme IHTC: Home Edition #3 - Pattycakes


    Rise and shine, Burgermeisters!  Take Cheeseburgers and pancakes and meld them into one, and what to you get?  Pattycakes.  Dig in with Jeff and Dillon and start your day off right.

  • 3 - Caspian Mediterranean Cafe


    As a salute to the brave men and women serving our country overseas, Jeff and Dillon partake of a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Cheeseburger.  Veni Vidi Vicheeseburger!

  • Extreme IHTC: Home Edition #2 - Mac and Cheeseburger


    This week at World Cheeseburger HQ, Jeff and Dillon blend cheesy pasta and beefy patties in their most decadent recipe yet. Wolf it down, Burgermeisters!

  • 2 - Lok Yaun Restaurant


    Hosts Dillon and Jeff venture to a Chinese restaurant to sample a Cheeseburger from the Far East.  Will it delight or will our heroes leave saying "Cheeseburger Chow Yuck"?  Find out!

  • Extreme IHTC: Home Edition #1 - Freezeburger


    Spin-off time!  On the inaugural edition of Extreme I'll Have the Cheeseburger: Home Edition, Jeff and Dillon invent and consume Cheeseburger Ice Cream! We'll teach you how to do it yourself at home. Gastronomical experimentation at its best!

  • 1 - Taqueria Mi Pueblo


    Hosts Dillon and Jeff go to a taco truck just off the highway in this premier episode to see if the cheeseburger from their "Extras" menu is up to their exacting standards.