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  • Episode #250: Arturo + Lauren / Photographers / Filmmakers

    14/06/2024 Duración: 01h40min

    Architectural and Interior photography and filmmaking team Arturo + Lauren join the podcast to talk about their individual journeys into the space of architectural image and motion capture and how they would end up coming together as creative partners, as well as a couple, to form the brand and portfolio they are known for today, as well as the social network of other architectural and interior photographers they created with The Shifter Community.  During our conversation we talk about what first attracted them to architecture and design, how they go about uniquely marketing and branding themselves, the importance of seo as well as in person events, the differences between real estate photography and architectural work, and the advice they give to others trying to carve out their own spot in an ever growing industry.   To Learn More About Arturo + Lauren Visit: And Follow Them On Instagram At: To Learn More About The Shifter Community V

  • Episode #249: Tom Oldham / Photographer

    30/05/2024 Duración: 01h33min

    Celebrity portrait and commercial photographer and Sony Ambassador Tom Oldham joins the podcast from his London studio to talk about his journey from growing up in the small rural town of Dorset to photographing some of the most recognizable faces in the world, and earning awards like Amateur Photographer Magazine's 2023 "Hero Of Photography" and Sony's "World Open Photographer Of The Year" in 2020.  During our conversation Tom talks about how the burgeoning rave scene of the UK would end up changing the course of his life and put a camera in his hand to begin documenting the culture he loved so much and all the amazing ups and downs his career has brought him since.  He also gives a behind the scenes look at what it's like to photograph subjects like Rick Rubin, Nick Cave, Liam Gallagher, and so many more.  Lastly we talk about longevity in a career as fickle as photography and what he feels has been his secret to not burning out, how he approaches all the personal projects he has become known for over the y

  • Episode #248: Sam Jones Returns / Director / Photographer

    16/05/2024 Duración: 01h05s

    Director/Photographer Sam Jones returns to the podcast to talk about some of the amazing projects he has worked on since his first appearance on the show back in 2019, like his documentary film about Tony Hawk "Until The Wheels Fall Off", his documentary film on singer songwriter Jason Isbell "Running with our Eyes Closed", and his 6 part series showcasing the Smartless Podcast tour, all available to stream on Max.  During our conversation we talk about how being a present conversationalist has helped him to be able to uncover the story inside a story while working on documentary films, how his passion for learning new things in his own life has translated to the characters he wants to showcase, the new film he's been working on over the last 4 years, and what he's learned about a life well live through hundreds of converations with some of the leading creatives, athletes, and innovators in the world.   To Learn More About Sam Jones Visit: And Follow Him On Instagram At: https

  • Best Of VR: Danny Clinch / Photographer / Director

    25/04/2024 Duración: 01h44min

    Legendary music photographer and Grammy nominated director Danny Clinch joins the podcast to talk about how he went from a kid growing up in a blue collar family in Toms River, NJ to falling in love with photography and music at an early age, to pursuing an education at the New England School of photography, to working with and assisting Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel, Mary Ellen Mark, Timothy White, and others, to finding his own voice as an artist and building an incredible career as one of most sought after photographers in the music business.  During our conversation Danny talks about his early days with Spin Magazine, shooting the record cover for Nas's "Illmatic", being on tour with Blind Melon, booking shoots for Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen on the same day, building long lasting relationships and friendships with some of the most well known musicians in the world that has given him a level of access all music fans dream about, and so much more.  It's a beautiful conversation on a life well lived.  

  • Episode #247: Sven Martin / Photographer

    18/04/2024 Duración: 01h42min

    Renowned mountain bike photographer Sven Martin joins the podcast to talk about the journey from his early days as a pro skateboarder, to racing downhill mountain bikes, to transitioning into a full time photographer and all the adventures in between.  Growing up in South Africa, Sven's father had a camera in his hand at an early age and helped him develop a skillset, along with his mother's keen eye for composition, that would serve him well as he moved through his own passion for surfing, skateboarding, and eventually mountain biking.  During our conversation Sven tells stories of skateboarding with Tony Hawk and Ed Templeton, as well as his early photography work for Thrasher Magazine and how his girlfriend (now wife) Anka would eventually lead him towards the mountain bike world, what his schedule is like covering the world cup race circuit, how things have changed over the years with the advent of new technology and so many more shooters on the scene, how he has managed to stay so stoked on the sport aft

  • Episode #246: David Donnelly / Filmmaker

    11/04/2024 Duración: 55min

    Filmmaker and artist David Donnelly joins the podcast to talk about his newest documentary film "The Cost of Convenience" that sheds light on the pervasive impact of surveillance capitalism on our privacy, autonomy, and democracy.  David has spent many years creating documentary films in the classical music realm, but when Covid came along and shut down the live performance spaces he was so accustomed to, he found himself exploring the exponential rise in the dependence of social media platforms and other spaces that exploded during the pandemic. When he set out with a goal of documenting our addiction to this technology, he had no idea of the massive story that would begin to unfold of the other nefarious aspects hiding in plane site, and how his film would adapt to try and tell a much broader story over years of work and countless days of travel.  During our conversation we discuss the last analog generation that we both come from, the inability for people to just be bored and how that is affecting creativi

  • Episode #245: Alison Conklin / Photographer

    28/03/2024 Duración: 01h12min

    Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador Alison Conklin joins the show to tell her inspiring story of perseverance after a doctor gave her the news that she had 6 months to live if she didn't get a new heart, and the transplant surgery that would soon follow and give her a new lease on life and a new appreciation for the selfless kindness of strangers.  During our conversation Alison tells me how the tragic death of her mom at age 14 would end up leading her into a love of photography that she shared with her father, how she built her career as an amazing wedding photographer, how all the challenging events in her life have given her a true appreciation for the present moment, and the advice she gives to others trying to find their own path.  It's a beautiful story that will inspire you to appreciate all the things you already have.   To Learn More About Alison Conklin Visit: And Follow Her On Instagram At: To Learn More About Visual Revolutio

  • Episode #244: Alex Potter / Photographer / Journalist

    21/03/2024 Duración: 01h18min

    Photographer, journalist, trauma nurse, wildland firefighter, and all around badass Alex Pottter joins the podcast to talk about her journey from growing up in a small town in the midwest to living and working in Yemen and throughout the middle east as a photojournalist, to working as a trauma nurse on the front lines of the war in Mosul, to her years as a wildland firefighter and all the adventures in between.  During our conversation Alex tells me what it was like traveling through the middle east as a young woman and the purpose she found in the region, the tragic loss of her husband Pete Reed who she met and worked alongside in Mosul, the importance of being present with the ones you love, and the advice she gives to others looking to find their own purpose and adventure.  To Learn More About Alex Potter Visit: And Follow Her On Instagram At: To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: And Follo

  • Episode #243: Krystle Wright Returns / Photographer / Director

    14/03/2024 Duración: 01h35min

    Photographer/Director Krystle Wright returns to the podcast to talk about the new National Geographic series "Photographer" premiering on March 18th where she is featured alongside an amazing list of other photographers.  We also catch up on what she's been up to since she was last on the show, talk honestly and openly about her financial struggles in the last year and how that had her questioning her future in photography, why she is so drawn to storm chasing, what was behind her award winning photo for the Red Bull Illume contest, her thoughts towards AI and social media, and so much more.   To Learn More About Krystle Wright Visit: And Follow Her On Instagram At: To Watch Her Short Film for Leica Visit: To Learn More About National Geographic's "Photographer" Visit: To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: And

  • Best Of VR: Ed Templeton / Skateboarder / Photographer / Artist

    07/03/2024 Duración: 02h09min

    Ed Templeton joins the podcast to talk about how he went from being one of the most influential street skaters of his generation to showcasing his paintings and photography in highly respected galleries and collections.  Although Ed's story has been told many times in some great interviews and documentaries, I get the chance to trace his history of growing up in Orange County in a fairly tough family situation and how that eventually led him to skateboarding.  For those who aren't familiar with Ed Templeton, his influence to the world of skateboarding is undeniable and in 2016 he was inducted into the skateboarding hall of fame.  But this conversation dives into how his skate career led him into the world of painting and photography and some of the early relationships with people like Aaron Rose and Alleged Gallery that would help push him into the national spotlight as an artist.  During our talk I get the chance to ask Ed what attracts him so much to the daily habit of street photography and constantly chas

  • Episode #242: Kevin Zacher / Photographer / Director

    29/02/2024 Duración: 01h27min

    Commercial photographer/director Kevin Zacher returns to the podcast to catch up on how life and business have changed since we last talked during Covid, how the industry is bouncing back and the changes that have come with it, how he approached some of his personal projects like "Dirt Football" that was recently published, how he manages to keep such a youthful vibe to his work as he gets older, what it's like working with high school athletes for a commercial campaign, how having a son changed him as a photographer and a person, his feelings towards new gear and film photography, and how going through his old snowboard archive in preperation for a book has made him reflect on his own evolution as an artist.  We also discuss his newest offering as a mentor and consultant, working closely with other photographers and directors in order to try and help them realize their own goals.   To Learn More About Kevin Zacher Visit: And Follow Him On Instagram At:

  • Episode #241: Jeff Johnson / Photographer / Director / Writer

    22/02/2024 Duración: 01h27min

    Commercial and adventure photographer, director, and writer Jeff Johnson returns to the podcast to talk about all the changes that have happened in his life and career since he was last on the show in 2017, his beautiful new film that he co-directed with Keith Malloy for Yeti Presents "Beyond Sunset", what it was like to leave Patagonia after years of employment and venture back out into the freelance world, how his book "Way High Kick Turn" that chronicled the 80s skate scene of the east bay came to fruition, getting to help create his own signature shoe with SeaVees, working with brands like Yeti and Roark to help create organic storytelling that helps to market a brand and a vibe, how having a family later in life has helped him as a husband and a father, and what's next on his wish list of travel and work.   To Learn More About Jeff Johnson Visit: And Follow Him On Instagram At: To Watch Beyond Sunset Visit: https://www

  • Episode #240: Alex Gagne Returns / The Visual Banter Show

    15/02/2024 Duración: 01h20min

    Photographer and host of The Photo Banter podcast Alex Gagne returns for round two of "Visual Banter" where we catch up on what we've been up to since we spoke last year, some of the podcasts we've been listening to, the challenges of trying to maintain a weekly show while also making a living as a working photographer, new technology that both frightens and excites us, how meditation can help creativity, and what's in store for the new year.   To Learn More About Alex Gagne Visit: And Follow Him On Instagram At: To Listen to The Photo Banter Visit: And Follow On Instagram At: To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: And Follow On Instagram At:  

  • Episode #239: Scott Ballew / Filmmaker / Songwriter

    08/02/2024 Duración: 01h28min

    Scott Ballew joins the podcast to talk about his inspiring creative evolution.  From his early days on the football fields of Texas that would ultimately lead to a Rose Bowl appearance, to working his way up from PA to Executive Producer on the commercial and film sets of LA, to returning to Austin to help create beautiful films for Yeti in his role as head of content, to directing his own documentaries and short films, to recording multiple albums and joining the amazing roster at La Honda Records, and how all the life experience in between continues to help feed his desire to never stop creating.  During our conversation we talk about his battle with drug and alcohol addiction and how sobriety and an amazing mentor in legendary musician Terry Allen would convince him to start putting his stories to music and, at the age of 37, become such a prolific songwriter that 3 albums would follow over the next 3 years on top of the whirlwind schedule of filmmaking that continues to this day.  We also discuss our shar

  • Episode #238: Christaan Felber / Photographer

    01/02/2024 Duración: 01h39min

    Photographer Christaan Felber has had the opportunity to point his camera at some of the most recognizable faces in the world, creating iconic portraits while working for editorial clients like The New York Times and Rolling Stone, as well as commercial work for companies ranging from Apple to Nike.  But during our conversation we dive into the very personal world of his newest book "Bitter Sweet" and have an honest exploration of some of the ups and downs of Christaan's career and how that culiminated into a deep dive into his own psyche that led to the realization that what others might deem as an "ugly photo" could have something more to say if given the chance.  Throughout Christaan's career he has self pulbished many personal projects, but we talk about the unique aspects of this one and how it came to be, what we can learn from taking time out to appreciate the mundane and even the uncomfortable, how we need make sure we continue to make work for ourselves later into our career, and the advice he gives

  • Episode #237: John Cavan / Director / Filmmaker

    25/01/2024 Duración: 01h30min

    Snowboard and commercial director/filmmaker John Cavan joins the podcast to talk about his many years in the industry working with brands like Grenade, Rome, and Snowboarder Magazine, filming the rise of some of the biggest stars in the sport and documenting what many would consider one of the best eras of snowboarding.  During our conversation we discuss his recent film project "Rough Around the Edges: 30 Years of Ride Snowboards" and share some of our memories of the late 90s and early 2000s snowboard scene, what his early years on the east coast were like and how that would lead to his first film "Iron Curtain",  what it was like filming a young rising star Danny Kass and the birth of the Grenade crew, whether or not being a team manager for Rome Snowboards made him feel younger or older, what the last days at Snowboarder Magazine were like, and the advice he gives to others chasing their own creative dreams.  To Learn More About John Cavan Visit: To Watch "Rough Aroun

  • Episode #236: Emily Maye / Photographer / Director

    18/01/2024 Duración: 01h33min

    Photographer/Director Emily Maye joins the podcast to talk about how her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer not only gave her the discipline it takes to create an amazing career in photography and filmmaking, but a distinct eye for capturing the art of movement and a deep understanding of the sacrifice that athletes make in pursuit of their sport, which makes her visual storytelling stand out as authentic and beautiful.  During our conversation we talk about several of Emily's new film projects, what's it like to have a 10+ year relationship with a client like Tracksmith and the creative freedom it gives her in the commercial sports space, what it was like to work on one of her dream projects with Nike showcasing the "Mamba Mentality", her early days of traveling with Trek capturing races like the Tour De France, the logistics behind a 17 minute opening shot in her recent running film "The Church of The Long Run", and the advice she gives to others chasing their own passions.   To Learn More About

  • Episode #235: Gerry O'Leary / Photographer

    11/01/2024 Duración: 01h36min

    Renowned architectural and hospitality photographer Gerry O'Leary joins the podcast from his studio in Dubai to talk about the journey from a small rural farming community in Ireland to photographing some of the most famous architecture in the world, and building a client list of extremely exclusive brands across the globe that most would dream of working with.  During our conversation Gerry talks about how he found photography at a young age and how it continued to fascinate him until he finally decided to walk away from a good job to pursue it full time, what it was like in the early days of his career hustling everything from weddings to family portraits, what made him make the move into architectural photography, how he ended up in Dubai after having an extremely busy studio in Dublin, what it's like working with brands like Cartier and Bentley, the inspiration he finds in traveling to new locations, the practice of gratitude he tries to apply to his everyday life and career, and the advice he gives to ot

  • Episode #234: Keith Malloy / Pro Surfer / Filmmaker

    04/01/2024 Duración: 57min

    Renowned professional surfer, director, and founder of Bimarian Films Keith Malloy returns to the podcast to talk about several of his newest films in this year's "Yeti Presents" lineup, as well as other projects he's been working on like Red Bull's "Life of Kai" series.  During our conversation Keith and I talk about the inspiration that comes with working on stories that involve amazing characters, how surrounding yourself with a positive crew and close group of friends makes all the difference in life and work, how constantly challenging yourself with new things as you get older keeps the inner grom alive, what it was like as an intermediate snowboarder to drop in on a Valdez run with Travis Rice, and what's next for the Bimarian team.   To Learn More About Bimarian Films Visit: And Follow Keith On Instagram At: To Watch the Film "Can You Hear Me Smiling" Visit: To Watch the

  • Episode #233: Alex Strohl / Photographer

    21/12/2023 Duración: 01h06min

    Photographer Alex Strohl returns to the podcast to talk about how his life has changed since having a daughter, whether or not it might be time to exchange his home in the mountains of Montana for a city existence, how staying in a constant state of curiosity is what drives him both creatively and personally, the passion project he set out on to provide him and his daughter an adventure together when she's 20 years old, the type of work that kept him busy in 2023, and so much more.   To Learn More About Alex Strohl Visit: And Follow Him On Instagram At: And YouTube At: To Learn More About Visual Revolutionary Visit: And Follow On Instagram At: And YouTube At:    

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