Small House at Allington, The by TROLLOPE, Anthony



Fifth novel in the Barsetshire series, The Small House at Allington is largely focused on the Small Houses inhabitants, Mrs. Dale and her two marriageable daughters, Lily and Bell. The two girls, of course, have suitors: their cousin, Bernard Dale, his friend Adolphus Crosbie, and the local boy, Johnny Eames, whose career in London is to mark him as far more than the hobbledehoy that he has earlier been considered. Crosbie is a social climber, and his connection with the dysfunctional de Courcys of Barsetshire give the author a chance for a splendid portrayal of an aristocratic family in decline. As with many of ATs novels, there are subplots as well, and many pictures of rural life standing in contrast to that of London. Some critics have seen in the portrayal of Johnny Eames something of an autobiographical exercise on Trollopes part.(Summary by Nicholas Clifford) Novels in the series are 1-The Warden 1-The Warden(version 2) 2-Barchester Towers 3-Doctor Thorne 4-Framley Parsonage 5-The Small House at Allington 6-The Last Chronicle of Barset


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