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Each week Padraic Horkan from Horkans Garden Centre joins Deirdre Kelly to look at every aspect of the world of gardening. From answering listeners' queries to explaining the ins and outs of every plant known to man,Padraic has all bases covered when it comes to gardening.


  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 10/09/2022


    Gardening Show for the 10th of September.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 02/07/2022


    Gardening Show for the 2nd of July.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 25/06/2022


    Gardening Show for the 25th of June.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 18/06/2022


    Gardening Show for the 18th of June.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 11/06/2022


    Gardening Show for the 11th of June.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 28/05/2022


    Gardening Show for the 4th of June.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 28/05/2022


    Gardening Show for the 28th of May.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 21/05/2022


    Gardening Show for the 21st of May.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 14/05/2022


    Gardening Show for the 14th of May.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 30/10/2021


    In this final programme for 2021 Paraic runs through all of the tasks that should be done now to set gardens up for a great winter period. With nighttime frosts setting in there's a reminder about taking cuttings from tenders plants and the importance of looking after wildlife now that temperatures are dropping. It's still a good time to plant up winter veg and spring bulbs can also be planted between now and mid-November. Hedges should also receive a light trimming and the ever present moss should also be treated now to keep it under control over the winter months. Listeners questions this week include what to grow in a new greenhouse, storing nastursium seeds over winter, the benefits of keeping strawberries outdoors in colder weather, harvesting seeds from a wildflower meadow, plants suitable for silt based soil, transplanting conifers, growing red hot pokers, moving holly and peoney trees.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 23/10/2021


    As we head into the October Bank Holiday weekend it remains great gardening weather for planting and this week Paraic offers some great tips on how to maximise any planting undertaken now. For those who have cleared out potatoe and vegetable plots there's information on what to put in for winter and early spring veg. There's a look at calluna heaters which are offering some seasonal colour and trees and a reminder of the benefits of planting trees and shrubs right which will all benefit from rooting over the winter leading to much better established plants come spring. Paraic also discusses the merits of indoor plants and provides some great tips on their care over the winter months with particular emphasis on reducing watering and ensuring they get as much daylight as possible. Lisenters questions this week feature pruning roses, taking cuttings from rhodedendron, aphid damage on conifers, lawn care during October, splitting formiums and grasses, moving acer palmatium, growing conditions for african marigol

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 16/10/2021


    On this week's programme Paraic discusses how community clean ups can enhance local areas with bulb planting projects and how children can get involved in creating pollinator friendly plant spaces for all to enjoy. Bulb planting is also in the spotlight for spring with an in depth look at varieties of tulips and irises for early colour this coming year, and there's also a reminder on planting up hyacinths and amaryllis now to flower for Christmas. There's a special feature on planting apple trees; Paraic discusses the importance of using dwarf rootstock, of sowing varieites that flower at the same time to facilitate cross pollination and offers guidance on pruning apple trees in November. Listeners questions include how to plant a nut orchard, growing an avocado from seed, pruning angels wings, propogating herbaceous flowering plants like daisies and phlox, storing carrotts and how the french style of shaping trees known as pleaching can offer privacy in small urban gardens.

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 09/10/2021


    On the programme this week Paraic looks back on the recent meithel in Kiltimagh and pays tribute to the community planting project that took place at the town's railway station area. There's information on making wreaths and table centre pieces for halloween and Paraic explains about the useful bulb planting tools which come in a range of sizes and are great for planting bulbs into the ground with the miniumum of effort. As trees and shrubs start to shed their leaves there's another reminder on how to go about making compost plus a very comprehensive look at planning and planting hedges for different locations with information on varieties, speed of growth and options to grow from pots and bare root. Plants featured this week include nerines, pellargonium, pampas grass, and hydrangeas. Listeners questions include when to feed winter heathers, the best manure for potatoes, move acers to larger pots, types of cabbage that can be sown now, when to trim ivy, transplanting purple sprouting broccoli and growing vib

  • Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 02/10/2021


    This week Paraic tells us about a community initiative in Kiltimagh and a meithel gathering for the purpose of planting up a bank with biodiversity plants for the local community. The programme focuses in on what people can be doing at the moment in the garden. For those with a love of garlic, now is the ideal time to plant and Paraic explains about the long growing season and takes us through some of the different variety, both while and purple, currently available. There's a reminder about planting autumn veg, and steps invovled in getting a composter up and running. There's advice on when and where to plant thuja, moving a pheasant berry bush, replacing leylandii hedging, and propogating favourite plants including using a cutting ball. Listeners questions this week include pruning back and treating roses for capsid bugs, problems with slow flowering cyclamen, how to prevent potatoe blight remaining in soil, suggestions for plants for a winter wedding, problems with dwarf pampas greass and treating liverw

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