Filling The Lanes




  • Episode 57 - Fill In The Blank

    06/06/2012 Duración: 01h23min

    Day 35 of the Filling The Lanes Hostage Crisis finds the show slowly moving forward with Rick and JHen. Luckily, the NBA has provided the perfect muse on which to speak. The playoff intensity is at an all-time high. The great series with the winners meeting in the Finals. Thats just the way it should be. The fellas are joined by NataDaScribe to speak on Jason Whitlocks latest bufoonery. Of course, since I come from a single-parent home, I'm not really qualified to speak on that, right? Anyway, they get into a passionate discussion about trust issues, coachibility and Whitlock's eating habits. Fun stuff. Next, the crew is joined by Young Lukie. An up and comer in the boxing game, Lukie falls through to speak on the upcoming Pac/Bradley fight...while Rick makes a ssndwich. A dose of our World Famous Get In/Get Out and the show is a wrap. As always, thanx for checking us out. See yall next week...

  • Episode 56 - Pass Revoked

    23/05/2012 Duración: 01h52min

    After *another* hiatus, the crew is back. Ok...crew is stretching the term. Rick is back. But he knows people. And he knows that none of yall wanna listen to him for an hour and a half. So he calls in some favors and lines up Bomani Jones of ESPN/SBNation/The Evening Jones fame, Rodimus Prime (the hardest working man in podcasting and proprietor of The Black Guy Who Tips) and TKO from one of the best shows on the web (Hot Fiyastarters). Oh...and we got some sponsorship, too. How's that work? Slack on the job for a couple of weeks and get folks to throw money at you? Props to TAP ( for the look out. Now stop reading this and go listen to the damn show.

  • Episode 55 - Microfracture

    02/05/2012 Duración: 01h35min

    The crew is at it again!! During one of the busiest time in sports, the Filling the Lanes crew return and holla. Avengers Assemble!! Listen to us debate the NBA playoffs and ask the age old question, "If a glass breaks in south beach, does anyone hear?" How many people fell asleep during the Clips/Grizzles game? Rick gives props to Kwame Brown's tutelage of Andrew Bynum. Trill loves the Spurs?? We discuss all the injuries affecting the playoffs. Are the Bulls toast? Nike vs Adidas? It's all Lebron's fault, right? The crew has a lively discussion on social media and how it relates to our beloved sports. Elliott Ness aka Big Chee gives us an American history lesson about the players union versus Derek Fisher. "And in the 188th round of the NFL draft, the crew select a punter from Holy Cross...." Oh wait, never mind. Is the draft still on? We kick around the winners and losers of the draft. Who am I kidding? Only sick people with no lives sit in front of a television for numerous hours and watch the draft.

  • Episode 54 - Metta Domestic Abuse

    25/04/2012 Duración: 01h30min

    Another week, another Filling The Lanes episode. We start it off with the Elbow felt 'round the world. Metta World Peace denting Harden's mohawk. How malicious was it, is 7 games the right punishment, and how do we feel about RonRon at this point? Is he still an interesting character, or is just just a weird guy that can't shoot or dribble? We hear an interesting debate on the timing of Drew Magary's Deadspin takedown. The team takes a look at the NBA playoff picture, and a couple of the featured matchups - Clips/Grizz, Knicks/Heat, Thunder/Mavs - and give their thoughts on the season as it wraps up. And as if that weren't enough of a gift from the sports gawds, we get the Saints - who just can't get right. Tricky Loomis was spying on opposing coaches? Well how come you still sucked? And how big a deal is this? And should you be more afraid of the Feds or your Shepherd? Then - it gets weirder. Neon is getting beaten up by women, and then taking pictures of his kids filling out police reports? Don't th

  • Episode 53 - No Name

    18/04/2012 Duración: 01h58min

    Or write-up. You know us well enough to just trust us, right? So the topics will be a surprise. One hint, though...Rodimus Prime ( joins us. So that should say tons about the show. Enjoy!!!