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Cleveland's #1 voted bicycle shop, Century Cycles, gives you the inside scoop on bicycling in Northeast Ohio. You'll hear professional tips from the award winning Century Cycles' staff, as well as exciting stories and insights from local bicyclists.


  • Century Cycles (Episode 31)

    21/10/2014 Duración: 30min

    Just because the summer riding season is behind us doesn't mean you have to store the bike away just yet!  In fact, the Fall colors and crisp, cool air brings many riders out for the first time.  No matter what your reason for riding this time of year, the most importnat thing is to dress for the weather.  Knowing how to layer up, and what clothing products best fit your needs is what we'll be chatting about on today's show.  Drew Anderson, area rep for Pearl Izumi, an industry leader in athletic wear, will join us to discuss Pearl's Fall and winter clothing lineup and how to wear it all!

  • Radio Century Cycles (Episode 30)

    15/07/2014 Duración: 31min

    Most everyone is familiar with the Tour de France, but if you want to discuss a truly grueling cycling event, nothing tops the Race Across America.  Last time, we talked to one of the founders of the race, but this time, we will be chatting with local Ohio racer, Mike McClintock, who just completed the 2014 RAAM in 11 days, 20 hrs!  Hear his adventure first hand!

  • Radio Century Cycles (Episode 29)

    15/04/2014 Duración: 38min

    Ever wonder what the most grueling, endurance based sporting event on the planet is?  Most would say the Race Across Amercia, a 3,000 mile cycling event with no stages and no stops, just balls-to-the-wall racing from one end of the country to the other!  Oh, and you have just over a week to complete it! Champions of the race complete it in 8-9 days. Do the math...that's a lot of time in the saddle with very little time for rest or sleep.  Today, we'll be chatting with one of the founders of RAAM, and the first man to ever win the event, Lon Haldeman!  But don't worry, for those who aren't up for that kind of challenge, we'll be sharing some fun local rides that you can tackle!

  • Radio Century Cycles - Episode 28

    18/02/2014 Duración: 30min

    On today's show, we'll be chatting with John Dewey of Tifosi Optics.  He'll be sharing the importance of eyewear to the cyclist, as well as the latest and greatest designs from Tifosi glasses.  Also, up and coming events from Century Cycles! 

  • Radio Century Cycles (Episode XXVII)

    15/10/2013 Duración: 33min

    Are you one of those riders that aches to be on their bike year round? If so, then dessing for the weather is critical to being comfortable during your ride. Chip Ellison, from Pearl Izumi, will be giving us the lowdown on just how to dress right for any type of weather during those Fall and Winter months.  Plus, the last Century Cycles Night Ride and winter maintenance classes.