The Destruction Of The Indians Of The Americas


Definitely, this is a disturbing book. Told from the account of a Spanish colonizer who went to Hispaniola to make his fortune, Bartolomé de las Casas soon took up the cause (even petitioning the King of Spain at the time) of not only of the Native peoples on the island of Hispaniola, but of all of the Native peoples and their lands who were "conquered" and ruled by the Spanish crown. The use of "human" abattoirs, mastiffs, killing for the sake of killing, all are listed in this book and was used as plea to the Spanish royal court to at least send out a decree to convert the native peoples to christianity (much to no avail). In hindsight, a sad and disturbing account of man's inhumanity to man fueled by his lust for riches. This ebook teach us a great lesson about human being behavior in a no rules environment and should be read by everyone.