Raising The Bar

podcast 4 Seasons Restaurant



Seasons Restaurant Podcast 4!On this episode I interview Bruce and Kathryn Arrowood , owners of Seasons Restaurant, in down town Tunkhannock Pa. The food is excellent and the beer selection is very well tailored to the menu. After the interview I had a crab cake sandwich with Cesar salad and a Franziskaner’s Hefeweizen. This style of wheat beer lends itself well to most salads, the aroma is fruity, like banana and bubblegum with some spicy notes of clove, all derived from the yeast. This is an excellent summer style of beer, very refreshing and flavorful. Hefeweizen is similar to a Belgian witbier. The grains are the same but the witbier usually has spices, such as orange peel, coriander and others. An excellent example is Victory’s WhirlwindWit.Cheers!