Magnesium Sulfate and Cerebral Palsy



OB - GYN To Go- Show #13: Magnesium Sulfate and the Possible Protective Effects for Cerebral PalsyDr. Philip Schlossman and Dr. Jennifer Merriman discuss recent New Englad Journal of Medicine articles regarding the use of Magnesium Sulfate antenatally to provide possible protection for some cases of cerebral palsy.Articles Discussed: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Magnesium Sulfate for the Prevention of Cerebral Palsy, New England Journal of Medicine, 2008; ASSK 2009 Comment Magnesium Sulfate for the Prevention of Cerebral PalsyCerebral Palsy (CP) is a non-progressive deficit in motor functioning and posture, typically diagnosed in childhood, with an unknown precise etiology. While its severity can vary, it can be quite debilitating for the child and family, adding significant additional medical costs to caring for CP affected individuals as well as negatively impacting their quality of life. About of a third of all cases of Cerebral Palsy are associated with pre-term birth. While general causes of pre