Last week’s blog post and Podcast lesson were inspired by a lecture that Moshe Feldenkrais once gave, in which he discussed Nijinsky. We received a wonderful follow-up post from Daniel Gesmer. If you have not yet read Daniel’s comments, please go to the post titled “Jump Thoughts,” (Nov. 2007) and click the "comments link" at the end of the article.Daniel’s post got me thinking about the use of imagination in the Feldenkrais Method®. Specifically, how Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons can help to develop the ability to imagine not only the visual image of movement, but also the kinesthetic sensations associated with it. After experiencing how effective imagining was at bringing about remarkable changes in my own organization and functioning, I began to utilize imagining more and more in my teaching practice, and in life generally. This week’s Podcast lesson will introduce you to the process. Enjoy! IntelliDANCE Podcast 5: Imagining© Andrea Higgins 2007.