Stool Pigeons

Episode 16 - Bob's Buttgers



There are a lot of butts on TV these days, but one show goes above and beyond to portray butt stuff in a positive (pottytive) light. Bob's Burgers is a shining light in the field of poo normalization and butt-punnery, so in this week's Stool Pigeons we embark on a comprehensive review of the best butt- and poop-themed episodes of this animated masterpiece. Two-butted goats, butts glued to toilet seats, and whale secretions may or may not make and appearance, Mike and Tiffany concede the title of World's Greatest Poo-punners to the Bob's Burgers writers, and we finally learn what the Stool Pigeons wear while doing their business.   Theme music: I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton,