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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 16 - SEP



Thanks for downloading Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the Flightdeck with Pilot Pip. In this episode we're taking a look at SEP equipment in Topic of the week, we have plenty of great squawks and listener feedback in Squawkbox and of course the usual aviation safety related chat and news.    Squawkbox Tony Ingari in Somalia has a question regarding cockpit practices.  James Plumridge has a Piper Cub. Derek Rowan has a question regarding flying in IMC. Matt Fabricius has a question on his upcoming PPL cross country flight.  Milad in Libya asks a question about part time flying. Heath Gleason in the USA has a TotW suggestion - Density Altitude.  David Hogan also has a TotW suggestion and some questions - Turbulence.   If you would like to contact the show, ask a question or share an opinion then please either email feedback@[email protected] or use the feedback page on the website We're also on Twitter @psafetypodcast and Facebook where you'll find lots more content. P