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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 19 - Aeroplane Upset



Thanks for downloading and listening to the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip. In this episode we're looking at aeroplane upset and recovery in Topic of the week. Plenty of great squawks in Squawkbox and some info on Pip's 2016 London Marathon appeal. A huge thank you to all of those who have already donated. If YOU would like to donate please either go to the website where you'll find more information or the direct link to the donations page is here In squawk box this episode we have : Luiz Cesar Dias from Brazil has some thoughts on intersection take offs and a question on differences in aviation protocol in different countries. Captain Al has sent some audio feedback with his thoughts on intersection departures. Chris Marsh says hi and asks about the Farnborough 2016 APG meet up. You can check out Chris' professional photography business here James Chen in Toronto has a question regarding Angle of Attack gauges. Edward Steinfeld from New England, USA says hi Matt Fabricus has an audio report on his recen