Plane Safety Podcast - Safety From The Flightdeck

PSP 84 ; A feedback bonanza



Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Capt Al. This is an aviation podcast hosted by a two professional pilots. We talk about aviation, our jobs as pilots, some of the adventures we get up to and much more. If you would like to make a donation to the Welsh Air Ambulance in memory of Al's mother then please visit This episode is a feedback special featuring YOUR feedback and questions. 1. A little piece of the Wright Flyer on Mars 2. Adam Spink missing audio feedback from last episode regarding RNP approach design 3. More audio from Adam Spink !! 4.Our friend Brian Coleman has some info on Pip's next jet (hopefully) 5. Jacob Darlington Brown has some thoughts on Mayday vs Pan Pan 6. Our Maine Man Micah has some info and questions on the recent United 777 engine failure 7. Charlie W also has some info on the United 777 8. Diarmuid shares some info about his airline in Dublin, Ireland 9.Slav from Detroit says hello 10. Brian Geller has a question on single p