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Plane Safety Podcast 87 ; Running on battery



Hi everyone, Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Captain Al. If you didn't already know, Pip will be running the London Marathon  on October 3rd raising money for the charity Sense  We really need your kind donations to help reach our target. If you could spare a few units of currency and would like to give to a great charity then please donate here. In this episode we are taking a look at your feedback and questions : Adam Spink of Heathrow ATC explains the difference in response to a Pan vs Mayday. Capt William Price says hi Richard Nash has some questions re garding use of autopilot and also CPDLC. The Old Curmudgon fires some shots our way regarding FOD. Richard Adams has a request for the Welsh speaking crew members Dr Pras sends a video about electric nose wheel motors Tony from France has some comments about Russia switching the QNH an