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This Freakin' Show Ep. 12 - Freakin' Marvel Comics



This week, the Freakin' Crew sits down with Joe Swanson (not that Joe Swanson, but a cool guy nonetheless) and Geek Cast Bass from Geek Cast Live to talk Marvel Comics. We pretty much freak out over every little detail from movie rights to Negasonic Teenage Warhead (our new favorite superhero). Mentioned in This Freakin' Show! Geek Cast Live The Eagles David Bowie Alan Rickman FYFC Podcast Contact Us: Follow us on twitter @thisfreakinshow                                 @geekcastjoe Find us on Facebook: This Freakin' Show Email us: [email protected] Freakin' Cool Stuff: Check out Geek Cast Live for all the geeky goodness you could desire Like the intro/outro? Check out Entropy on Facebook.