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This Freakin' Show Ep. 18- Holy Smokes, Batman! Leo Won the Oscar!



This week, this freakin' crew talks about the Oscar Results. Travis won the great Oscar debate and Colin and Joe tied for last. We discuss the controversy, Fuller House, and the great Music Show our friends at Entropy and Ephinepic put on this past weekend in Peotone. Mentioned in This Freakin' Show! Rob Zombie Rob Zombie (snopes) It's Up To Us EphinEpic Entropy Contact Us: Follow us on twitter @thisfreakinshow                                 @geekcastjoe Find us on Facebook: This Freakin' Show Email us: [email protected] Freakin' Cool Stuff: Check out Geek Cast Live for all the geeky goodness you could desire Like the intro/outro? Check out Entropy on Facebook.