Habits Of Healing With Dr. Donna Perillo

Habits of Healing Episode 27: Sarah Elliot - Wholetones Therapy and Holistic Voice Therapy



Show Notes: Sarah Elliot is a Holistic Voice Therapist. She helps her clients create a space to explore and transform the obstacles in life that affect our energetic states of being: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Our voices present our emotions, identity, and intentions throughout our daily life; they are our individual and unique tools of expression. Alongside the voice, Holistic VoiceTherapy incorporates techniques of movement, breath, and postural awareness. Sarah is based in the Scottish Borders, Scotland and works both on a 1-2-1basis and with groups, in areas such as local organizations, relaxation groups for adults & co-hosting day workshops with Yoga practitioners.  Daily Habit: Several minutes of humming during the day are beneficial to restoring balance in thebody and mind. Breathe slowly and find a pitch that is comfortable, then sendthe vibrations into every area of your body.  Showlinks: www.wholetonestherapy.com Contact info: [email protected]