Habits Of Healing With Dr. Donna Perillo

HABITS OF HEALING EPISODE 36: Mr. Dave Sherwin: Dirobi Health, “Top 7 Principles of Good Health”



Show Notes: Mr. Dave Sherwin is a certified nutrition coach, the host of the podcast, “The Dirobi Health Show”, and the owner of Dirobi LLC, a supplement company. His supplement company, Dirobi.com offers a line of high-end functional supplements for middle aged men and women who are striving to live the concept of "middle aged awesomeness." He is also a podcaster (the Dirobi Health Show) and has written the book “Formula 7: 7 Simple Principles for Phenomenal Health”. Dave was an overly shy, skinny, weak kid who struggled in life, until he was introduced to sports and fitness, which put him on a path of self-improvement and personal growth. Since then he has found tremendous fulfillment in fitness and nutrition. One of his most profound life experiences was during a triathlon. His goal was to win a medal; unfortunately he didn't sleep the night before and arrived a tired and drained wreck. However, during the race he had a profound spiritual experience that reminded him to be grateful for the incredi