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Business Beat - Summit Tackles Issues for Women in Leadership



Braid artists in Missouri used to have to obtain a cosmetology license to practice legally — but cosmetology training didn’t include instruction on hair braiding. Now, thanks to a bill that was signed into law last year and survived a legal fight that advanced to the U.S. Supreme Court , people desiring to braid hair in the state can apply for a hair braider’s license. It costs $20 and takes four to six hours of instructional video with a board’s assessment, rather than the 1,500 hours previously required. Wendy Doyle, founder and CEO of the Women’s Foundation, shared this story at the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Women in Leadership summit to illustrate why women should be engaged in policy decisions that affect women and why it’s important for them to hold positions of power. The inaugural summit, held Friday in Columbia, brought together businesswomen from across the state to address ways to help women advance in the workforce. Here are four main recommendations from