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439: Black Lives Matter Protests, Riots, Good Police and Criminal Cops, Trump Threatens Military Action on Americans



Chris Spangle talks about the promises made in the Declaration of Independence. Are we living up to the promises made to all Americans? Is our government living within the constraints of the founding? What is the relationship between power and the people it is meant to serve? How do we change the system to reflect our original promises? Video: https://youtu.be/tqTsG-sUtBQ WAL Policing Episodes: Militarization of Police Departments with Radley Balko - https://wal.fireside.fm/113 368: Policing in America, Part 1 - https://wal.fireside.fm/614 370: Policing in America, Part 2 - https://wal.fireside.fm/616 430: COVID-19 - Policing the Pandemic - Violations of Civil Liberties During Coronavirus - https://wal.fireside.fm/737 420: WAL Debate - "Private Police would be as Bad or Worse than Public Police" - Ryan Lindsey vs Spike Cohen - https://wal.fireside.fm/725 394: Q&A with Jeff Bennett - Private Police in Libertarian Society, Protecting the Economically Disadvantaged, Central Banking | The Path To Libertarianism