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Murder at Archly Manor Chapter by Ch: 1 and 2



We’re traveling back to the 1920s in this season of Mystery Books Podcast with a chapter by chapter deep dive into Murder at Archly Manor, the first book in the High Society Lady Detective series. What inspired the location of Murder at Archly Manor? Was I intimidated to write historical fiction? (You bet I was!) How did I take the first step to write about the 1920s, despite my worries about accurately capturing the time between the wars? Find out in the “Story Behind the Story” section of this episode.Then Elizabeth Klett narrates the first two chapters of Murder at Archly Manor. Book recommendation: Your Turn, Mr. Moto by John P. Marquand. (Affiliate link)Next chapter in the next episode! If you want 1920s mystery right now, you can get Murder in Archly Manor in ebook, audio, and print at the show