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Saudi Arabian GP review | Podcast Ep 878



Join Paul and me as we review teh Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and much more.Support us here: us here: Merch here: us a coffee: this episode, Todd and Paul review the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. They discuss Red Bull's dominance and the internal turmoil within the team. They also talk about Ferrari's performance and the impressive debut of Oliver Bearmann. Max Verstappen's win and Sergio Perez's performance are analyzed. Charles Leclerc's third-place finish is highlighted. The discussion also includes Oscar Piastri's impressive performance and McLaren's performance and straight-line speed issues. The Grand Prix saw McLaren and Mercedes struggling with their car development, while Haas showed improvement in their rear tire wear.  Takeaways:McLaren and Mercedes are facing challenges with their car develo