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Lewis at Ferrari, Andretti at home | Podcast Ep 874



Join Grace and me as we discuss Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari and F1's denial of Andretti to Formula 1.Support us here: us here: Merch here: us a coffee: development is crucial in creating compelling narratives in sports documentaries.Daytona is an iconic track in NASCAR and should have been given more historical context and significance in the series.Exploring the rich history of NASCAR could have made the series more engaging and informative.The comparison to a MotoGP game highlights the potential for more captivating storytelling in motorsports content.The lack of interest and disappointment expressed by the conversation participants suggests that the series failed to meet their expectations.Chapters00:00Introduction and Patreon Support05:00Lewis Hamilton's Move to Ferrari13:00Lewis Hamilton's Motivation18:00Ferrari's Role and Decision27:0