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Is Lando scared of Max? | Podcast Ep 873



Join Grace and me as we discuss the new contracts for Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. Was Lando scared to go to Red Bull like some are saying? What is Alpha Tauri's new name? Visa Cash Cow F1? Wait, Andretti already built and F1 car? Support us here: us here: Merch here: us a coffee: extensions provide stability for drivers and their teams.Timing and team dynamics play a significant role in driver decisions.Winning races is not the sole measure of a driver's skill or potential.Pairing drivers with complementary personalities can lead to successful partnerships. Renault's journey in Formula One would make for an interesting bookLiberty Media is the most valuable sports empireLewis Hamilton has changed his management teamToro Rosso has been renamed AlphaTauriMichael Andretti is working on a car projectChapters00:00Introduction and Formula One New