The Parc Fermé

Rolex Roar and F1 money war | Podcast Ep 872



Join Paul and me as we discuss the Roar before the 24 in the IMSA series with the Heart of Racing Aston Martin team as well as F1 investments and more. Chapters00:00Introduction and Overview01:27Preparing for the Daytona 2402:23Qualifying and Long Run Pace07:00Preparations for the Race08:34Competitive Season in IMSA09:58The Challenge of Multiple Racing Series12:28Investment and Resource Management13:36The Importance of Long-Term Strategy14:38Aston Martin's Investment and Facilities18:16Discussion on Haas F1 Team19:54Investment and Performance in Formula One21:25Strategic Approach in Formula One23:02Comparison of Williams and Haas Strategies24:29Investment in Racing Series27:16Red Bull's Ownership of Two Teams30:19Aston Martin's Investment and Luring Top Talent35:28Discussion on DeLara Chassis36:34The Future of Haas F1 Team38:51Mercedes' Contract Extensions39:43George Russell's Position in Mercedes41:14Zak Brown's Concerns about Red Bull's Ownership45:08Humorous Headlines50:26Closing RemarksSupport us here: ht