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Where Haas Gunther gone? | Podcast Ep 871



Join Grace and me as we discuss the departure of Haas F1's Gunther Steiner, new boss Komatsu, beer and fake PR women using AI.Takeaways:Haas' performance in Formula One has been consistently poor, with only one season finishing in fifth place.The team's relationship with Ferrari and the reliance on listed parts from Delara may be contributing factors to their lack of success.Investment in infrastructure and technical capabilities is crucial for improving performance in Formula One.The decision to part ways with Gunther Steiner and introduce a new team boss reflects Gene Haas' desire for change and improvement.Success in Formula One requires a combination of technical expertise, investment, and strong leadership. The future of Gunter Steiner is uncertain, with speculation about his potential role in the broadcasting industry.Estrella Galicia has left Ferrari and returned to McLaren, a move that has been praised as a smart decision by Zach Brown.The use of an AI spokesperson by Mahindra Racing faced backlash on