The Parc Fermé

Team formerly known as | Podcast Ep 870



Join Grace and me as we talk about the team formerly known as Alpha Tauri and their new facility, the movable wings solution, driver contracts and much more.Support us here: us here: Merch here: us a coffee: and Greetings01:02Discussion about Cats03:04Formula One News: AlphaTauri's Changes06:12Formula One News: Moving Closer to Red Bull08:15Formula One News: Active Aero Band-Aid16:40Discussion about Active Front and Rear Wings25:04Unintended Consequences of Regulations30:12Discussion about Formula One Decision-Making31:09Discussion about Paying to Participate in Formula One32:47Formula One Participation Fees36:08Costs for Other Teams37:04Red Bull's Participation Fee38:00Other Teams' Participation Fees40:46FIA Employee Departures47:34Contract Expirations in 202456:37Williams' Engine Supply Deal57:52Hell's Kitchen Debrief01:02:34Albon's Cat