Sermons From Fcc- St. Paul

To Forgive



Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost |Matthew 18:21-35 | September 17, 2023 |Dennis Sanders, preaching Forgiveness is at the heart of God's character. It is God who came in the form of a human being to live among us and die for us, canceling the debt that we have as we have sinned against God, and showing how God has forgiven us. How do we respond? How do we show gratitude for what God has done? Learn more about First Christian: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Watch the worship service: First Christian Church of St. Paul is a small, open and affirming, and multicultural church located near St. Paul, MN in Roseville. We are a local expression of the ⁠⁠Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)⁠⁠. Visit us for worship in person on Sundays at Roseville Lutheran Church at 11:00 AM.