FriendsOfMacombs' Podcast

Manhattan Community Board 10 - Executive Committee - December 29, 2010



[1]  On arrival a Harlem Resident was noted to be standing in the hallway of the 4th floor where the Manhattan Community Board 10 Office is located. The Resident indicated that he was told the Executive Meeting that was being held that evening was a private meeting.  This was puzzling since Community Board Excutive Meetings are a public meeting.  When both of us (Harlem Residents) walked into the Manhattan Community Board 10 Office the Conference Room Door was closed.  We opened the door and walked in. I asked why a Harlem Resident was told this was a private meeting.  Board Member Barbara Nelson indicated that she had made a mistake telling him that.  Questions are: [A] Why was the door closed to the Conference Room that the meeting was being held in?  [B] There were two lawyers present in the room at the time the Harlem Resident was given the incorrect information (William Franc Perry, III Esq and Joshua Bauchner) .  Why did they not immediatelyy correct Board Member Barbara Nelson? [C] Why did no one go