Conversations With Fifi & T.k

Don't go to College: Isaac Morehouse on education, entrepreneurship, and what it takes to succeed in the real world



According to Isaac Morehouse, if we taught children how to ride bicycles in the same way we educate them in school, we'd have a world of people who knew lots of facts about bikes but lacked the ability to actually ride them. Join FiFi & T.K. as they converse with Isaac about why a traditional college education wont cut it in the real world, why many college graduates feel lied to and ripped off, and how Praxis can help students develop practical skills that will help them survive and thrive in the emerging creative economy. Learn more about Praxis at or contact Isaac directly at [email protected] Fiona "FiFi" MacNeil's Info: Website: Facebook: T.K. Coleman's Info: Blog: Facebook: Facebook: Website: Twitter: