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Episode 218: Skypothesis Inspired Builds



This time Michael, Victor, Ray and Juan go over some Skypotheis builds they are doing.Thanks for listening to this episode from ASAPodcasting.  If you have a moment please consider leaving a review on iTunes. Butcher, Baker and Candle Maker in Spaaace: A No Man’s Sky podcast: CONTACT: [email protected] Join our Discord: Merchandise please visit the Tragically Optimistic store here: A big thanks to the UESP, Elder Scrolls Wiki and Imperial Library for their incredible resources.  Michael XBox MODSQuality World MapSummer Skyrim OverhaulLampposts of SKyrimEnhanced Lights and FXLive ANother LifeThe Brotherhood of OldBetter and Interesting RoadsObsidian Weathers and SeasonsWintersunDarker Brotherhood V2Ravengate - Riften UndergroundModsVictor PC ModsAnimationsNemesisDARRead the RoomSmooth Combat non Co