Chander Mohan Jain Memorial Lecture Series

On Wednesday, November 12th, the annual Chander Mohan Jain Memorial Lecture Series presented the lecture, "Is Jainism Suitable for Modern Times?"given by Vastupal Parikh, PhD.

Crystal Stair

Welcome to my story. This book is a mere collection of nightmares, without any pretensions but to let you enter the intricate folds of my mind.I think everyone has experienced...

The Secret Of Mind And Body: The True Path To Obtain The Success With Simplicity Following The Right Strategies

Training and motivational story leading hand in hand the reader to look for his fear overcoming and to make him reach his dreams. The book tells the story, in the format of sport...

Trip To India: The Ancient Prophecy

The fragile but strong friend next door, in search of Love, inner Beauty and whatever else the life and a trip to India will dedicate her. Stefania through the latter will explore...

Emotional Intelligence In School

When we talk about emotional intelligence we are actually referring to the development of the person. This topic has been on the rise for a few decades and it has proven to be...

Subash Shrestha

Welcome to the Subash shrestha podcast, where amazing things happen.


Subcast: Un Podcast cu si despre Marketing.By Subsign

Chamber Chatter

Welcome to Chamber Chatter, hosted by the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. On this show, we dive into what drives local businesses, community leaders and entrepreneurial minds.

Suhbah Institute

Welcome to the Suhbah Institute podcast with Mahad Qamar and Safiya Ravat. Visit our website for videos, classes and seminars at means companionship, fellowship...

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