The Mystery of the Wet Lizards

Learn how desert lizards "harvest" rainwater that has fallen on their backs.

The Seal in Our Backyard

The author's experience of an elephant seal molting in her backyard.

The Secret of the Strange Flower

How Charles Darwin discovered a moth he never saw.

The Song of the Mouse

Scientist Tim Holy studies mice and the way in which they aurally communicate.

These Pumpkins Sure Can Kick!

This article features the Pumpkins, Namibia's first ever soccer team for girls 12 and under. These brave girls competed against boys and women much older than them. Their courage...

Under the Ice

Describes how Weddell seals live on and under Antarctic ice.

What's a Bear to Eat

Learn why people food makes a dangerous diet for bears.

When Do Monkeys Talk

A scientist discovered that monkeys can control the sounds they make--they seem to know when to keep quiet and when to call in the family.

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