Trip To India: The Ancient Prophecy


The fragile but strong friend next door, in search of Love, inner Beauty and whatever else the life and a trip to India will dedicate her. Stefania through the latter will explore costumes, customs, traditions and the different religions that coexist with related Divinity, ascetics and celebrations. Finally she will know the Essence. It will be like retiring in a beautiful and unspoiled glimpse of Nature, where there is nothing and no one but the encounter and profound communion with one's self.

”I loved it for aesthetic reasons and for the sensitivity you have in telling, a truly rare quality - nowadays, most of the writers get some writing done in such a rude way... you have class instead, and sensitivity and sense of narrative, you are one of those storytellers who I would keep listening open-mouthed for hours... it is also a delicate moment for me and then, on a personal level, it has ”upset me”... It had a terrible ”cathartic effect”, pleasant and a little scary at the same time... You have a beautiful talent, what I call the ability of real writers to let their readers live other lives by expanding their own experiences that perhaps they will never truly live, but it's like... The autobiographical style is a brave choice. This function is even more needed, but I guess it has not been an easy path... I thank you for having written it and have enriched me!” Laura