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Welcome to Roguelike Radio, a podcast about roguelikes.


  • Episode 136: MidBoss


    This is episode 136 of Roguelike Radio, where we interview Eniko, creator of possession-based roguelike MidBoss.Read more »

  • Episode 135: 7DRLs 2017


    This is episode 135 of Roguelike Radio, talking about the results of the 2017 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. Talking this episode are Darren Grey, Ian Bowes (of ASCII Curious and the LaserBeards podcast) and Chris Haner (aka Rogueliker).Read more »

  • Episode 134: Randomness


    This is episode 134 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren Grey and Mark Johnson discuss the role of Randomness in roguelikes.Read more »

  • Episode 133: How to Make a Traditional 7DRL


    This is episode 133 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren Grey and Jeff Lait talk about how to make a traditional Seven Day RoguelikeRead more »

  • Episode 132: End of 2016


    This is episode 132 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren and Mark talk about the End of 2016!Read more »

  • Episode 131: International Roguelike Developers Conference - Europe 2016


    This is episode 131 of Roguelike Radio, where we report from the International Roguelike Developers Conference (Europe 2016).Read more »

  • Episode 130: Jupiter Hell, successor to DoomRL


    This is episode 130 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about Jupiter Hell, the successor to Doom the Roguelike. Talking are Kornel Kisielewicz, Darren Grey and Mark Johnson.Read more »

  • Episode 129: Imbroglio


    This is episode 129 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about Michael Brough's Imbroglio with Rob Parker, Alex Cheng aka vivafringe, Apple and Andrew Doull.Read more »

  • Episode 128: How To Be Good At Roguelikes


    This is episode 128 of Roguelike Radio, where a panel of experts discuss How to be Good at Roguelikes! Our group of roguelike seers include Darren Grey, Mark Johnson, Brandon (aka Demise), David (aka zxc) and Mikko Juola (aka Adeon).Read more »

  • Episode 127: IRDC 2016 - New York


    This is episode 127 of Roguelike Radio, recorded at the New York International Roguelike Developers Conference held 6-7 August. Kawa hosts, and is joined by Mark Johnson, Jeremiah Reid, Brian Bucklew, Jason Grinblat, Patrick Kenney and Brett Gildersleeve.Read more »

  • Episode 126: IVAN


    This is episode 126 of Roguelike Radio, where we talk about IVAN, with Darren Grey, Mark Johnson, Zeno Rogue, Serin Delaunay and Ryan van Herel.Read more »

  • Episode 125: Road Not Taken


    This is episode 125 of Roguelike Radio, where Andrew Doull is joined by Daniel Cook, Ste Curran and co-host Mark Johnson to talk about the roguelike puzzle game Road Not Taken (available on Windows, Mac, PS4 and just been released on iOS).Read more »

  • Episode 124: Shoot Em Ups


    This is episode 124 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson is joined by James Whitehead, Ben Hendel-Doying and Chris Park to talk about roguelike elements in Shoot Em Ups ("Shmups").Read more »

  • Episode 123: Geometry in Roguelikes


    This is episode 123 of Roguelike Radio, where Darren Grey, Mark Johnson, Paul Jeffries, Zeno and Marek/Fulgur14 talk about Geometry in Roguelikes.Read more »

  • Episode 122: Nethack Tool-Assisted Speedruns


    This is episode 122 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson interviews the Nethack Tool-Assisted Speedrun Team.Read more »

  • Episode 121: Simulation


    This is episode 121 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson, Darren Grey, Tarn Adams and Sami Maaranen discuss Simulation in Roguelikes.Read more »

  • Episode 120: KeeperRL


    This is episode 120 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson and Nicolas Casalini (DarkGod) speak to Michał Brzozowski about KeeperRL.Read more »

  • Episode 119: Coding Practices


    This is episode 119 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson, Josh Ge (Kyzrati) and Nicolas Casalini (DarkGod) discuss Coding Practices.Read more »

  • Episode 118: Interview with John Harris


    This is episode 118 of Roguelike Radio, where we interview John Harris about his new book: @Play: Exploring Roguelike Dungeons.Read more »

  • Episode 117: Strategy and Tactics


    This is episode 117 of Roguelike Radio, where Mark Johnson, Darren Grey, Rob Parker and Twinge discuss tactical and strategic gameplay in roguelikes.Read more »

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