Worst. Show. Ever.



You'll probably want to avoid this podcast. It sucks. It's filled with neurotic tales of thieving bears, decoy wallets, and epic Olive Garden rants. It's irreverent and stupid and terrible, and the hosts should really be ashamed of themselves. You can also find archives of this travesty in the "Better Off Undead" podcast, which was just as bad but also had an even stupider name.


  • WSE23 Johnny and Dave are Sharing an Air BnB


    No, Sean is REALLY not here! It was supposed to be a week off, but then something interesting happened. Dave and Johnny are going to be roommates, so to make […]

  • WSE22 Johnny Is Intense


    Sean tells the donkey story about his mom and her hoarding problem Today’s show topic comes from Amy’s comment that Johnny is so intense. Sean read’s Amy’s Slack session where […]

  • WSE21 Dave REALLY Wants That Phone

    11/03/2016 Duración: 36min

    Remember, you can join us LIVE on Blab. Go to Blab.im/sterling_stone and see what episodes are coming up next, and for reminders to join us. Today, Dave talks about… RANTS […]

  • WSE20 Dave May Be Holding a Load


    It’s another amazing episode of Dave ranting about people and asserting that there is, indeed, a better way to organize groceries. Dave is paranoid about the woman he talked to […]

  • WSE19 Dave Throws Down for Turkey Chili


    So what are the guys bitching about today? They’re not sure, but something will come up. Dave’s 1800 word blog post about Panera. A lack of sugar for several weeks. […]

  • WSE18 Dave Embarrasses Himself for Romance Author JA Huss


    Julie Huss joins Johnny, Sean, and Dave for an episode where she makes the guys seem clean and polite. Also, get the VERY BEST of Dave’s worst experiences, relived just […]

  • WSE17 Dave versus Sleep Apnea


    EXPLICIT Today’s episode brought you with an important PSA: Breathe at Night. On to the shenanigans. Dave’s experience at the clinic, and the woman with the runny nose. Then he […]

  • WSE16 The Tao of Dave


    Dave’s been reading a book on Zen, but is having trouble taking the wisdom to heart. In fact, he suspects the foundations of Zen, and shares a wild conspiracy theory, […]

  • WSE15 The One With the Fleshlight and the Lottery


    Today, the guys wing it – they don’t even have a topic picked out! Johnny’s gym incident where he got conned out of $40, but kept his pride Sean Googles […]

  • WSE14 Dave's Self Improvement is Ruining the Show


    If there are holidays, then there’s Dave ranting. Or not… the guys realize that Dave’s self improvement, they have nothing to talk about. Dave has a new server when he […]

  • WSE13 Star Wars and Porn


    Weeeeeee Not even Worst. Show. Ever. is immune to the Star Wars mania sweeping the nation. Or the wave that hasn’t stopped sweeping the nation – porn. The guys brainstorm […]

  • WSE12 Ray Chase Doesn't Need This Shit


    Today’s guest is Ray Chase, the new Justin Timberlake of WSE, and frequent voice of Sterling and Stone’s various audiobooks, including the character Boricio. NOTE: If you have a weak […]

  • WSE11 Is Dave Wrong


    We have RAY CHASE! Okay. That didn’t work out, but we’ll have him next time. So on today’s Worst. Show. Ever., we just went with it. Dave freaks out about […]

  • WSE10 Dave Has Thousands of Problems


    Dave has problems. We know this. And as usual, Johnny and Sean laugh at them. Nicely. Dave flakes out on a concert due to anxiety and his friend guilt trips […]

  • WSE09 The Worst Game Show Ever Part 2


    Part 2: A throwback to the old Better Off Undead’s ‘The Newlydeads,’ the guys ask pointed questions, but each question has a catch. We’ll tell you the first catch, but […]

  • WSE08 The Worst Game Show Ever


    Part 1: A throwback to the old Better Off Undead’s ‘The Newlydeads,’ the guys ask pointed questions, but each question has a catch. We’ll tell you the first catch, but […]

  • WSE07 Dave Loses His Voice


    Dave has lost his voice, but that doesn’t stop him from making an appearance in today’s show, albeit in a very creepy way… Seriously. WTF Dave? Are you trying to […]

  • WSE06 Dave Gets a Bubba Stick


    Uuuummm…. Well. It’s a show. Dave shows off his new stick, the guys google things they probably shouldn’t, and some random theories about what makes people want to kick Dave’s […]

  • WSE05 Dave Goes to Hooters


    Sean kicks it off by asking Dave what the worst thing that happened to him this week was. Hilarity ensues! Sean likes food and boobs. So Dave tells his Hooters […]

  • WSE04 Dave Gets Ass Burgess


    Today’s Worst. Show. Ever. is a reckoning for Dave, along with a surprise diagnosis. In one of the previous episodes of this show’s precursor, Better Off Undead, Dave might have […]

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