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With a slowing economy, uncertainty on Wall Street, and an increasingly powerful government, many of us are uncertain of our financial future. This podcast, brought to you by, brings insight and sheds light on how to create wealth in a difficult economy. We go in depth on many ideas including Infinite Banking, Arbitrage, and Immediate Legacy.


  • What Infinite Banking Is Not: Common Misconceptions Podcast


    The Infinite Banking Concept is an extremely valuable strategy to assist in creating wealth, but just like anything else out there, there are misconceptions and misunderstandings. This can create a layer of uncertainty, confusion, and a touch of that "too good to be true" feeling. Listen in as Jake, Nick, and Josh set the record straight about some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the Infinite Banking Concept.

  • Blog Diagnosis: Infinite Banking Questions Answered


    If you've been doing any research on the Infinite Banking Concept you may have come across a blog, written by a financial blogger, that discusses some of his thoughts. He had apparently just heard about this concept, and decided to pass on some of his expertise. He had a list of questions, comments, and- as he writes it- "Red Flags," written in red of course. So we disected it... in detail.

  • Barry Dyke: The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway To Serfdom


    Barry Dyke has spent close to 15 years researching the corruption and greed that is currently happening behind closed doors. His most recent book, The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway To Serfdom, outlines many aspects of our financial industry, and how we are being robbed in broad daylight. Listen in as we discuss with Barry some of the topics of his new book, and what we, the average American, may be missing.

  • What is Infinite Banking?


    This is a great question, one we get asked quite a lot over here at Wealthonomics, but the answer is not always very simple. Listen in as we discuss the question, "What is Infinite Banking?" Click to Listen

  • Financial Story: Dario Bollocasa


    We invited Dario to share with us his financial story and what he has done during his lifetime to save and retire. Now retired, Dario planned well during his lifetime to save, and get rid of debt, but was not excluded from market losses either. Here is his story.

  • Nick Gorden – Mortgage Professional


    Nick Gorden is a part of Legacy Lending group, one of the top producing Loan Brokerages in the Treasure Valley. In this podcast, we sit down with Nick and discuss some of the reasons for the collapse of the subprime market in 2008, and what that means for us today.

  • Barbara Dopp – Real Estate Expert


    Nick sits down with Treasure Valley real estate expert Barbara Dopp to discuss real estate trends, current market conditions and her opinions on where the real estate market is headed.

  • Where Do You Put The Majority Of Your Retirement Savings?


    A recent retirement poll, conducted on Linkedin, illustrates an overwhelming 57% of people still have the majority of their dollars in mutual funds and stocks. Listen in as Jake, Josh, and Nick try to decide why people are still relying on mutual funds and stocks to grow their hard earned dollars.

  • Financial Stories: Phil and Sue Macartney


    Phil and Sue Macartney are making the transition from working years to retirement years. They share with us the financial roller coaster they've road, and things they wish they would have done differently.

  • The 401k


    The economic environment has changed substantially in the last 30 years, but have we adapted?. Listen in as Jake, Josh, and Nick discuss what was happening when the 401k began, and why the 401k may not have the same tax advantages it had 30 years ago. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Purchasing Strategies: The Debtor, The Savor, The Wealth Creator


    In this podcast, Jake, Josh, and Nick from Wealthonomics discuss how to handle major capital purchases, and the fundamental differences between the Debtor, the Savor, and the Wealth Creator. Contact us at [email protected]

  • Podcast: Asset Allocation And Diversification – Wall Street Myth


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